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September 20, 2022

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  • The penny drops: Martyanov

    The Game did change.  It sure did!  I’m glad Andrei is finally talking about the fact that Russia and China are working together.  But the game did change-. that is true.  If I have to say .. I’m on record!  (joking here a little).  For months I am on record!  I knew it all!  (Joking…

  • Daily Chronicles: Referenda and War

    Daily Chronicles presents snippets of the most important news across the world for this and each day as it rolls in. Check back frequently. To find the previous Daily Chronicles, use the search function on the top line and search for Daily Chronicles.

    Feel free to use as open thread.

    This of course is not coincidental:

    Xi stresses…

  • First SCO, now RCEP (and ASEAN)

    The regional organizations are building strength and confidence, and they are cooperating.  All of Mr Lavrov’s speeches and Mr Putin’s speeches now contain the words ‘multipolar world’ or ‘pluripolarity.   More than that, they express in all of the their public communication that a multipolar world cannot be stopped any longer.  It is a fact. …

  • Medvedev on referendums: DPR, LPR, Kherson

    The referendums in Donbass are crucial not only to the systemic protection of the residents of the LNR, DNR, and other liberated territories, but also to the restoration of historical justice.

    They completely change the vector of Russia’s development for decades. And not only our country. Because after their implementation and acceptance of new territories in…