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An entrepreneur in North Korea (DPRK)

Jeff J Brown brings us this video with Felix Abt.  How unbelievable it may sound, he really lived and worked in the DPRK for nine years.  The DPRK is arguably the country that we know nothing about and what we know, is skewed.  Jeff says .. It’s NOT what you think.



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4 months ago

Thank you for this interesting interview. North Korea is indeed a Country that is not very well known in the West. The little we know is all bad. It’s helpful to listen to people who have actually been there. Interesting man with a good heart. Somewhat hard to understand at times. Will listen again when I have time.

Eva Bartlett is another person who has been there. She is one of those old fashioned journalists. She travels to the places where she is reporting from!
“North Korea is one of the least understood and most lied about countries on earth” writes Eva from a trip there in 2017. Her report features interesting photos and videos:

Eva Bartlett is currently living in the Donbas, where her daily reports sheds light on that part of the world. Follow her Telegram channel to get first hand information.

Jeff Brown mentioned Israel Shamir’s trip to DPRK. His report here:

Glad to have found this website btw. I have been wondering what happened to that good volunteer back there..