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September 19, 2022

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  • An entrepreneur in North Korea (DPRK)

    Jeff J Brown brings us this video with Felix Abt.  How unbelievable it may sound, he really lived and worked in the DPRK for nine years.  The DPRK is arguably the country that we know nothing about and what we know, is skewed.  Jeff says .. It’s NOT what you think.



  • Russian Chief: biologic and chemical weapons+

    ⚡️ Briefing by the Chief of nuclear, biologic and chemical protection troops of Russian Armed Forces Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov on recent consultative meeting of member States of Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention

    This was taken from the RuMod telegram channel and contains a number of posts.  Here is the first one:

    Full documentation is available…

  • Russia, the SCO and international terrorism

    By Rostislav Ishchenko and machine translated with small edits and fixes.  Original link:

    The SCO summit held in Samarkand was not only marked by Iran’s admission to the organization, but was also accompanied by regular US tantrums. In the end, Washington said that they see their strategic goal in “undocking” the economies of Central Asian…