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The US and the UN – an interview from Dmitry Polyansky saying the US is using the visa process to bar independent countries from the UN.  Tomorrow starts the UNGA.

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– The UN and its Security Council are organised in such a way that no issue can be resolved without cooperation between Russia, the UK, China, France and the US. Therefore I can say that we carry on a professional dialogue inside the five nations.

– The SMO in Ukraine has clearly demonstrated the deep-rooted problem eroding the UN Secretariat and all its agencies. What I mean is the Western domination of the top levels of this international bureaucracy.

– We must state that UN agencies are often susceptible to politicisation and are guided in their actions by double standards.

The DPR and LPR are now insistent on rapidly holding referendums on being recognized as part of Russia.  The Public Chamber in Donetsk has appealed to the republic’s head for a vote on being recognized as part of Russia. (RIA Novosti)  Earlier today the Lugansk People’s Republic signaled its desire to also join the Russian Federation.  The date proposed is November 4 – celebrated in Russia as National Unity Day.

Pushilin invited Pasechnik to unite the efforts of the administrations of the heads of the DPR and LPR, the apparatus of parliaments to develop steps to start preparing for the referendum

Pushilin, after the appeal of the Civic Chamber on the referendum, suggested that Pasechnik give instructions to law enforcement agencies for the joint study of security issues.

In addition, the deputy head of the Kherson region, Kirill Stremousov, says the inhabitants of the Kherson region wish to hold a referendum as soon as possible in order to obtain guarantees for the region to become part of Russia.

I hope Russia agrees this time despite the immense consequences for the war.

From RT India

❗️US BIOLABS ⚠️ Russian Defence Ministry presents evidence of biological weapons in Ukraine to Geneva convention

The Russian MoD said delegations had little doubt about the authenticity of the evidence, suggesting the US is doing the same in other countries:

📍Washington & Kiev failed to explain why documents related to activities were destroyed

📍US delegation acknowledges biological research happened on patients in psychiatric hospitals

📍US admits samples of pathogens were exported

Russian Chief: biologic and chemical weapons+

While there is controversy being used to build a polarized position in our sphere, about whether Russian Defense Forces received Iranian drones, I don’t think it is so far off the mark.  Perhaps there is testing in real war situations going on, but of course, we don’t know.  Let’s not take part in the polarization and wait for this to unfold.  Iran builds oil tankers, did you know?  So, there is real design, manufacturing, and production engineering know-how there.

Sept 19 – Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev arrived in China, where he will hold bilateral consultations on security. It is planned to discuss issues in the development of the agreements reached at the recent meeting between Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping, as well as “a wide range of topics aimed at further strengthening bilateral cooperation in the field of security.”

Real progress happens when Patrushev enters the arena.  I’ve seen in other reporting that Russia and China are going to share information and probably tactics regarding the western push to break the countries.

Biden is making the most irresponsible comments telling Russia not to use nuclear weapons and this is just gross propaganda for domestic purposes.  And then he says that the US will militarily support Taiwan should China ‘attack’ them.

Comment from the previous Daily Chronicles:  For the next day or two, the focus will be SCO. Bear in mind that everything there has already been planned. That is why we have all the Presidents there – all preparatory work is done, they just need to sign.

So, they signed.  Coming today still will be Latin American and African commentary.  But until then, the cartoon says it all.

Cannot get away from SCO.

🇷🇺🇮🇳🇨🇳🇮🇷🇵🇰🇰🇿The SCO(Shanghai Cooperation Organisation) countries have decided to “intertwine” with a network of gas pipelines

At the summit, the heads and representatives of different states discussed the construction of pipelines.  Potentially, they can appear in different parts of Eurasia, and together form a single network.  In the near future, it is expected to sign a contract for the construction of the Power of Siberia-2, which will allow the reorientation of all gas from the Nord Stream in the direction of China.  The construction of the “Pakistan Stream”, which will connect the north and south of Pakistan, will begin soon. Russian LNG can go through the pipe.

Talks started about the Russia-Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan gas pipeline project.

It, like the Pakistan Stream, will be connected to the TAPI gas pipeline (Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India). Thus, Russian gas will get direct access to the Indian market.

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Col...'the farmer from NZ'
Col...'the farmer from NZ'
4 months ago

An excellent interview of Gerald Celente complete with his usual animated and highly entertaining and energetic Italian/Bronx style passion… which BTW, he makes absolutely no apology for… FAIR ENOUGH… there is only one GC!!!

Remember too that he was once on the other side [1970s] when he worked for a major Chemical Company. The overthrow of the Shah of Iran and then Jimmy Carter’s New Years’ Eve visit with him was one of the catalysts that eventually turned GC around.

At that stage, he transformed a purchase of $5000 in gold into $750K which by gambling and partying he then subsequently reduced back down to $150K.

At the 30-minute mark, he talks about the meeting he had with Van Morrison backstage at Forest Hills regarding the key to a successful freedom revolution…

Screen Shot 2022-09-18 at 11.48.30 AM.png

Gerald makes the point that to try to at least partly counter the Yanky Doodle Dandy [do or die] US Mainstreet habit, the key to gaining more support is through the arts… music/publishing/painting… actually, any kind of art to help bring the freedom renaissance to this higher level in peoples consciousness.

50 min mark… the massive monarchy crap and glorification of the British Monarchy is more conditioning to get the flock to look up to murderous slimeballs in positions of authority. This is at an all-time high now with the passing of the crown from the old Lizard to King Charles the Turd [TURD…that’s actually how the Irish pronounce THIRD]… a Mr Global eugenicist of the highest and most idiotic shill degree.


When the US revolution went after the thieving monarchy they had less than 5% of the popular support… yet they still won the battle… although since then they gradually lost the war. And here we are today facing imminent global financial collapse because the banking kleptocrats were never properly targeted, let alone dealt with.

… and IMO the quote that says it all…

“It does not take a majority to prevail … but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”
― Samuel Adams.

I come back to my same old position… the two races I enjoy the most in my life and travels, both company-wise, and inspirationally, are the Irish and the Italians… here are two prime examples of the passion they bring to the table.

BTW, I was permanently banned from Greg Hunter’s site years ago as a commenter because one of his pets G500 opined that he hoped that the Mosul Dam in Iraq would burst…due to lack of maintenance… and only because the occupation made this logistically impossible.

G500 went on to say that this would be great because it would immediately kill tens of thousands of Iraqis and destroy their main food-growing area downstream, which would in turn then “eliminate 100’s of thousands [from starvation] of potential terrorists !

I pointed out how despicable this comment was and not a single person in the 100s of commentators had the guts to agree with me. This is a so-called “Christian” site, with Hunter himself being a proud fundamentalist rapturist.

I was absolutely gobsmacked that Hunter supported G500 in his murderous view and then continued to cuddle up to him as one of his favourite long-term contributors/commenters. From that day on I viewed Hunter as dishonest and opportunistic.

Having said that, he still manages to draw good people for interviews… but he will always make me cringe with his past completely outrageous hypocrisy.

My memory is long… and leopards in my experience don’t change their spots.


Col...'the farmer from NZ'
Col...'the farmer from NZ'
4 months ago

BTW… I love the cartoon!!!

4 months ago

Hmmm. Someone listened to the musings of a cagey lupine warrior and promised to weave giant Persian carpets. A needed update to Pipelinestan is in the works after the watershed SCO Summit. Pakistan and India’s entreaties and the committed seppuku of Germany will reroute pipelines south and southeast at accelerated pace.

Col...'the farmer from NZ'
Col...'the farmer from NZ'
4 months ago
Reply to  AHH


The investment in infrastructure in all of these projects from Eastern Siberia all the way across Asia, Eurasia, the ME and down through Africa is truly breathtaking. If my memory serves me correctly it is somewhere in the region of ~$3.4 trillion. This is roughly the equivalent of 600x the entire current GDP of NZ!

Because these projects are all being financed at a fraction of the price of the old Zone A models [often 3-4 times less in a 30-40 year timeframe]… they are not cynical and predatory nor are they deliberately putting these countries into ruinous debt death-spirals.

Because of these savings, these individual countries’ current accounts will be much stronger from the effect of both savings on loan servicing, and trade surpluses… consequently these countries will not become victims as they did when in the past western imperial/colonial models of blatant pillaging.

This will bring long-term wealth to these participating countries and healthy tax revenues into their Govt’s coffers. In the old model, none of these benefits went into the fiscal budget and for the benefit of the country or everyday citizens.

None of this capital was available for loans to the productive sector either, or for affordable housing. All of this capital was pilfered by a few local elites and lost overseas as capital flight, and into tax evasion schemes, mostly into UK/US offshore jurisdictions.

eg…The debt of Sub-Saharan African countries in 2008 stood at a meagre $177 billion, whereas from 1970-2008 these countries’ “elites” had moved offshore somewhere around just short of$1 trillion.

In reality, far from being a net debtor, this region was a global net creditor. Worse still because this capital was moved offshore these African countries borrowed from international banks at high-interest rates.

Add to this the fact that this led to constant current account deficits and consequently, these countries’ currencies were weakened making principle payments impossible.

Good riddance to predatory financial colonialism and a huge welcome to the new mutually beneficial Zone B global financial initiatives.


4 months ago

Yes Col,

I agree, good riddance.

However we need to overcome two major obstacles too.. First the scorched earth retreat of the Anglo-Zionists. They are not going gently into that good night! Second, the mentality of the old predatory compradore oligarchs in every land, who participated in these criminal schemes. Otherwise, “meet the new boss, same as the old bose…”

So an external/internal challenge in every society. It can be done. Many of the old bosses will crash and burn with the old paradigm (many already find their stashed loot held hostage in UK/US offshore jurisdictions) which will be of tremendous help.

Corruption is the lubricant of Empire. Every Zone B country is currently in agony and under the wrenching temptation of Kazakhstan and Armenia.. Greater than any cabal of Banksters is the Heart of Darkness within each man. Can we survive ourselves?? If so, a bright future is possible.