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Max Blumenthal speaks to Faina Savenkova


  • Saltyd

    Very poor interview. Translator was not very good. Did not flow and the interviewer’s questions were not answered adequately.

  • amarynth

    My opinion is that Max wanted to make American points. He did not ask 13-year-old questions to a 13-year old that is on a kill list. He wanted to change focus to how bad it is that Americans are on that kill list.

    But it was good to at least see Faina.

  • amarynth

    Update from Russia’s First Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Dmitry Polyanskiy

    After 13 year old child writer from Lugansk Faina Savenkova discovered that her personal data is displayed at the infamous Mirotvorets web site containing hit list of alleged “enemies of Ukraine” she turned for help to the UN. She wrote letters to the UN Secretary General and to the Head of the UN Children Fund UNICEF. She hoped that the UN which is supposed to preserve international peace and stability will protect her from attacks of Ukrainian nationalists for only addressing Security Council and asking it not to forget about children of Donbass.

    But she and all those who follow this issue quickly became disappointed. Secretary General carefully avoided references to this issue in public. As for UNICEF, it promised to hold a meeting between the relevant specialist of the Fund and Faina. Despite the fact that it didn’t take place (the representatives of the Fund only notified the girl that the specialist in question is not able to meet her this time due to personal reasons), it claimed that it duly addressed this situation and met Faina. This deception and sham was easily exposed but UNICEF changed nothing in its behavior.

    Neither did it react when a Russian NGO headed by Mira Terada discovered that at least 327 children are doxed online by the Mirotvorets web site. This means that their lives as well as the life of Faina are in immediate danger: a number of adults whose personal data appeared on this criminal site promoted by the Ministry of the Interior of Ukraine are already killed, maimed or harassed.

    Given the seriousness of this situation our mission immediately shared the relevant information with the SG and UNICEF. But our letters stirred no reaction or even emotion neither from Antonio Guterres and his office or from the UNICEF headed by the new Executive Director Catherine Russel.

    It’s a big disappointment and psychological trauma for children harassed by Ukrainian nationalists and for all of us to realize that the UN Children fund clearly ducks its responsibility for political reasons thus choosing to be on the side of those who are ready to ignore all the crimes of Ukraine for geopolitical reasons.

    No one is expecting from UNICEF a legal action to close this criminal site, but a mere statement with condemnation of such acts would be sufficient and important. It turns out that the declaration at the initial web page of the Fund stating that it’s “non-political and impartial” and “never neutral when it comes to defending children’s rights and safeguarding their lives and futures” is a mere lip service.

    It’s a good lesson for children all over the world that adults can behave in a craven way and make empty promises when big politics is implied.

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