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Changes in the remit of the SMO

As I noted in the daily chronicles this morning, the rumors of a change in the remit of the SMO are rife in Russia.  The need for this is also being openly expressed by leaders in various domains.  This has been consistent among the Russian people’s wishes and has increased over time.  Possibly where the SMO made sense at the start, it is not making sense now.  The catastrophe of Kharkov has now put this issue front and center, as well as the clearly visible NATO interaction.  It was always there, but now, it is visible.

The expectation is that the SMO will in some or other way, take on the shape of an anti-terrorism action, which will change the battle space and the actions by the Russian forces materially.

To my great surprise, I checked the Chinese Foreign Ministry press conference briefing this morning, and find that a sizable part of this is, you can guess, about terrorism.  And then, for those that do not know, the SCO which is starting to meet the day after tomorrow, was constituted as an anti-terror organization.  From this point onwards, with a anti-terrorist slant to the Special Military Operation, suddenly there is the complete SCO that may just decide they want themselves a piece of the Ukraine.  This is wild speculation at this time, but it does connect the dots and a stated objective at the SCO is that they will stop NATO’s latest attempts to grow into the sphere of the South China Seas and of course, Eurasia.

China News Service: The UN Office of Counter-Terrorism hosted the UN Global Congress of Victims of Terrorism at the UN headquarters in New York from September 8 to 9. Cheng Guoping, External Security Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, led a delegation to the meeting. Can you give us more information on that?

Mao Ning: China attaches great importance to protecting the rights of victims of terrorism. China sent a high-level delegation to that congress. In the remarks delivered at the event, the Chinese side put forward a four-point proposal, namely firmly combating all forms of terrorism, eradicating the breeding ground for terrorism, effectively addressing the root causes of terrorism and making every effort to help victims of terrorism. China called for active support to the Global Security Initiative put forward by President Xi Jinping, commitment to the vision of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security, and effort to build a world of lasting peace and common security. This was widely recognized.

It is especially worth mentioning that Kaidiriye Maimaitijiang, a victim of terrorism from China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, shared the story of her father’s heroic act as a police officer in the fight against terrorists, who gave his life for the cause. She also shared how the government looked after her family, which received a warm response at the meeting. Participants of the meeting expressed their understanding and support for the counter-terrorism campaign in Xinjiang. One representative came up to Kaidiriye Maimaitijiang to say how moving her story was and how it helped grow the understanding of the counter-terrorism situation in Xinjiang and China’s efforts.

Terrorism is a common enemy of humanity. China will continue to take an active part in international counter-terrorism cooperation, support the UN’s central, coordinating role, resolutely combat all forms of terrorism, earnestly protect the rights of victims of terrorism and make new contributions to the international counter-terrorism cause.”

I have to speculate that the Chinese government and the Russian government have already discussed this change in remit of the SCO, if this is indeed what is in the cards.

To my further surprise, the two guys from the Duran discussed the pivot to a terrorism plank as well.  It is a good video and they pull it apart somewhat and clarify the possible reasoning.  The first 27 minutes is devoted to this, and thereafter they change to other war reporting.

There will be interesting times ahead.  How will Russia change the remit?  They have to, because after Kharkov, the population insists on it.


  • Lone Wolf

    Given the Collective West has China as the next target after Russia, China has a lot at stake in the outcome of the SMO.

    Long ago the Collective West lost any hope of playing one against the other, either Russia or China. Russia & China are now partners for the long run, in what would be a prolonged war against the US/NATO/Five Eyes/Israel. And China knows a lot about prolonged wars, that was Mao’s strategy to victory, and it is embedded in Chinese military thought.

    The surprise announcement that Poland entered the war with 25,000 men, plus a sizable quantity of mercenaries from many nationalities, including taqfiris from the ME, has added a new variable to the equation, the battlefield landscape needs to be re-evaluated. Russia is having to take a hard look at her strategy, currently in process, SMO is being superseded by what they termed a Counter-Terrorist Operation.

    That should have been the applied concept from the beginning. Who are the Ukronazis but terrorists? How long have they been terrorizing the Donbass and the Russian population in Ukraine? They haven’t been killing soldiers only, they have been bombing, torturing and killing civilians, children, women, the elderly. A counter-terrorist military operation is what they deserved, however, the Gerasimov doctrine took precedence, and the SMO came into being.

    There are aspects of the Gerasimov doctrine that justified the SMO, such as the construction of an invitational bridge to the populations getting under Russia’s jurisdiction, a novel application of military “social engineering.” The SMO would have been the right strategy to apply, if Russia would have been fighting against Ukraine only, even if with the not-so covert backing of the Collective West.

    The entrance into the war of thousands of troops from the North Atlantic alliance, imposes a new strategy.

    Would China lend a hand to Russia in the new Counter-Terrorist Operation? That is a possibility, however, China has so far skirted around a full commitment, avoiding sanctions that could be negative for their economy. There are plenty ways in which China can do it, one would be organizing a “volunteer” force à la North Korea. Russia’s SMO has plenty support among the Chinese people, and China is itching to test their training and weaponry against the US/NATO. That is a possible way to get their foot into the fray.

    The Putin – Xi meeting that Pepe is alerting us about, where the SMO is going to be discussed in detail (did Peskov said that, or how did Pepe find out?:-), is a harbinger of a new phase in the confrontation Russia/China vs Collective West. Putin – Xi meetings always have a particular quality to them, this one in particular, has a lot of symbolism.

    Tectonic plates in motion.

    From Pepe Escobar.


    Putin and Xi will discuss the SMO IN DETAIL during their bilateral in Samarkand.

    Lone Wolf

  • amarynth

    Pepe’s comment comes from Li Zhanshu, the head of China’s legislature and #3 in the Party. He was on a goodwill visit to Russia after the 7th Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok where he met with Putin.

    TASS reported that he offered support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in a meeting with Russian State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin.

    Xinhua reported that he confirmed this with Volodin and also other Duma leaders.

    But check this: The State Duma quotes Li as offering full-throated support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine:

    “We see that the United States and its NATO allies are expanding their presence near the Russian borders, seriously threatening national security and the lives of Russian citizens.”
    “We fully understand the necessity of all the measures taken by Russia aimed at protecting its key interests.”
    “We are providing our assistance.”

    Now, everyone wants to know what that assistance is and how.

    • Lone Wolf

      Thanks for filling in the gaps…

      Lone Wolf

  • emersonreturn

    thank you, lone wolf, i always look forward to your perspective & current detailed relevant information. i wonder if the SMO wasn’t chosen initially b/c the temperature & mood globally was not yet prepared for a full declaration of war with nato? over the spring & autumn we’ve come to fully accept the situation for what it so obviously is. i’m not certain back on february 24th many were as clear as the citizens of donetsk. now o/c we are beginning to comprehend the extent of the empire of lies/plunder & chaos designs & greed: biowarfare/nuke friendly liz/lend lease land thievery. i’m not a military analyst obviously, simply a lowly artist…in painting one routinely begins a canvas lightly, it’s the most general approach b/c it’s much easier to add colour especially those dark tones given to turning a canvas into the ‘big muddy’. the empire’s shock & awe works in providing the oligarchs total submission & free reign over resources bt russia hopes (i believe still), perhaps incorrectly, to change hearts & minds & return the population next to her border to a way of life all bt impossible for our western minds to grasp (we have been so bernayzed)—governments working for the people/bringing prosperity to its citizenry rather than the oligarchs. sadly i run into it often, people responding capitalism is much better (zh commenters come to mind). china, russia, syria & iran have begun to demonstrate to the world the obvious & glaring difference. & the hope of a new dawning. today, september 13th, it is clear—as i believe it always to putin/lavrov/petroshev/shoigu, that the evil empire is in this to the death, a winner take all or the world gets nuked to oblivion…bt the russian masterminds began lightly, giving hope a chance, playing it as a hybrid war, knowing she could always ramp it up, in ways few can begin to imagine. who, in february, forecast the calamity of sanctions would crush europe & buoy russia’s economy to such an extent that it would be flush with cash & able to fund her SMO while her citizens continue to prosper & grow & she continues to create, fund & build more magical weapons while the west continues to deplete their weapon reserves & haven’t the manufacturing or resources to rebuild bt a mic demanding a chance to pork barrel more? i believe petroshev, putin & lavrov had a very strong idea it would play out this way, that is why it was decided to only apply the heavy dark reds & blacks when all was ready set.

    • Lone Wolf

      Well, emersonreturn, first time I get a lesson in painting applied to the military field. Your strong descriptive powers are those of a painter, visualization is needed to see the end result, color intensity is applied as the painting develops.

      I am now visualizing the Ukraine canvas back in Feb., the Russians applying a light color first, adding more intense colors, mostly red, as the war heated up. I am with you, SMO will be “ramped up” eventually evolving into a total war.

      i believe petroshev, putin & lavrov had a very strong idea it would play out this way, that is why it was decided to only apply the heavy dark reds & blacks when all was ready set.

      That’s a painter vision of what’s coming.


      Lone Wolf

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