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Mironov believes that the special operation in Ukraine may turn into a terrorist operation.

Leader of “Fair Russia” Mironov: special operation in Ukraine may turn into a terrorist operation

Exactly what Pepe is saying and I said here:

Sept. 14 – Pre-emptive sanctions – it is a question of Who Cares at this stage.

US Mulls China Sanctions As Taiwan Deterrence – Taipei Urges EU To Follow

A Reuters report claims Washington is preparing a package of pre-emptive sanctions to impose on China as a deterrent to military action against Taiwan – and the island is pressuring the EU to follow suit.

Sources report that measures suggested go beyond restricting trade and investment, and have been drawn up more urgently after Beijing’s anger over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s controversial visit to Taipei last month.

One source told Reuters that the EU has shirked imposing sanctions on China previously due to the nation’s significant role in the bloc’s economy.

Sept. 13 – Russia and China are providing our news in what is turning out to be a blistering fast news day:

Russia and China Agree US-Led Unipolar World Order Cannot Continue – Kremlin

Key points from Dmitri Peskov’s Tuesday press conference:

▪️Moscow and Beijing concur that the US-led unipolar world order cannot continue

▪️President Putin is working on de-escalating recent Azerbaijan-Armenia clashes

▪️The president has already spoken with Armenia’s PM Pashinyan regarding the issue

▪️There are no plans for military mobilization in Russia

Sept. 13 – As I noted here:  “A change in the status of the SWO is being prepared,”

There is a lot of talk about this ‘change’.  One possibility – If Russia declares Ukraine as a terrorist organization everything around the SMO changes.  There is much support for this and rumors among the netizens and in the net’o’sphere is rife.  Note: Russian Parliament Speaker Volodin today:  Kiev’s terrorist actions put the world on the brink of nuclear catastrophe, we cannot allow this – Russian Parliament Speaker Volodin.

Sept. 13 – Vučić: “Due to Pristina’s steps, Serbia is facing significant security challenges… The presence of Pristina police special forces in northern Kosovo and Metohija is increasing… The danger is close, objective and serious”

‘Extending Russia’ yet again and lighting fires everywhere.  I call this time .. Empire Strikes Back.

Sept. 13 – Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and other staff have received visas to participate in UN General Assembly – Russian Foreign Ministry.

Sept. 13 – Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan says Armenian casualties amount to 49 KILLED following clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan, though those numbers are NOT final, and that the intensity of hostilities have subsided this morning.  There are conflicting reports.  Brian Berletic notes that this is part of the US strategy of “extending Russia,” lighting fires everywhere, not just waging a proxy war through Ukraine.

Conflicting reports on this one as well – it is stated that Armenia is about to trigger article 4 of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) which would require some form of military involvement of the allies.

Sept. 12 – Momentarily, things are quiet China side.

Sept. 12 – Rosich: “A change in the status of the SWO is being prepared,” political scientist Marat Bashirov said, citing a source in the Kremlin.
Recall that yesterday the Russian Armed Forces began to deliver high-precision strikes on the energy system of Ukraine.

Lets wait …

Sept 12 – There is joy in US, UK and NATO spheres.  The Kharkov withdrawal is presented as a sure case of Russia having lost the war.  I am more of the opinion that the war has just started.  The US and NATO are openly stating that they had planning, command and control of the operation.  The Russian Ambassador has just stated that Germany has crossed a red line with weapons to the Ukraine.  I am not sure of the legal implications of all of this, i.e., when does a broader war start?  Seems to me we are sitting on top of that red line.  In short, we’re at The Empire Strikes Back. 

Sept 12 – US and its VASSALS trying to PROLONG conflict by increasing supply of arms, but despite this and UNPRECEDENTED sanctions pressure on Russia, goals of special operation in Ukraine WILL be achieved – Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev.

Nikolai Patrushev is probably if there is such a thing, the strong hand behind the throne of Mr.Putin.  We can take his words to the bank.

Sept 12 –

Germany has crossed a red line with Russia by sending arms to Ukraine, Moscow’s ambassador in Berlin said on Monday. The decision undermined decades of reconciliation since the end of World War II and the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, the diplomat added.

“The very fact that the Ukrainian regime is being supplied with German-made lethal weapons, which are used not only against Russian military service members, but also the civilian population of Donbass, crosses the red line,” Ambassador Sergey Nechaev said in an interview with Izvestia newspaper.

He added that Berlin should have known better, “considering the moral and historic responsibility that Germany has before our people for the Nazi crimes.”

“They have crossed the Rubicon,” Nechaev stated, using an idiom for passing the point of no return.

Massive blackout in Ukraine after missile launch from Black Sea. Power down fully or partially in:

⚡️ Kharkiv Oblast;
⚡️ Sumy Oblast;
⚡️ Poltava Oblast;
⚡️ Dniepropetrovsk Oblast;
⚡️ Zaporizha Oblast;
⚡️ Odesa Oblast;
⚡️ ZSU-controlled parts of DPR;

Aah, the festival of moon cakes (mid Autumn festival).  This time of the year I receive emails from some Chinese correspondents overly decorated with balloons and flowers and mooncakes.

The cakes are truly beautiful.


While there is a massive roll-out of change in our world, the issues of the Ukrainian advance in Kharkov need more elucidation.  We will be writing about this as the situation on the ground clears somewhat, hopefully today already.  Needless to say, the Russian people are shocked to their cores by the loss of four villages to Ukraine.  We know it will not remain like this for long, but my thought is with the people that are now under Ukrainian control and what Ukrainians do to these civilians.

This is an example of the commentary:  It’s important to ask what will happen to the civilians who collaborated with Russia in those territories in Kharkov region? How many of them will be killed by Kiev forces? Are they so expendable/cattle for Russia that can be left behind at mercy of the enemy without problems? What does this say to civilians in other areas under Russian control? If I were a Kherson region citizen I would never participate in a referendum in these circumstances.

This is very real.  Take a look:

I have another thought:  How is it that we support a SMO, while the other side is at war?

More to come.

China ends UN human rights cooperation, following the release of its report on alleged human rights abuses in Xinjiang, the Chinese ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva said on Friday. “The office closed the door of cooperation by releasing the so-called assessment,” ambassador Chen Xu said, describing it as “illegal and invalid”.

From the UN Security Council after Russia convened a meeting on weapons.  (Note, I listened to everything but when the British B… Woman started speaking, I had to turn it off!)


If you’ve watched Israel and Palestine, you would know that things are heating up.  The Palestinian youth is actively fighting back now.

Tel Aviv falls into a state of panic, where Palestinian youths are operating.  For every time Israeli forces enter cities or camps in Jenin and Nablus, West Bank to carry out arrests or demolish homes, unorganized attacks are occurring.




  • Larchmonter445

    Big evacuation of people in the areas from which the Russian troops have retreated.

    New repression by Ukies is not anything new or unexpected.

    Killings, torture and filtration is par for the course since the ATO began.
    Plenty of stories, including everyone’s ‘Everyman from Kharkiv’, Gonzo Lira. Disappeared and then resurfaced. Tapped on the shoulder by SBU.

    Most people who have stayed all these years and all during the SMO have emotional attachments that outweigh the common sense move to leave, go to Russia and wait out the war. The land, the burial sites of relatives, some economic reasons all are reasons they don’t leave.

    Russia owes them nothing more than it does and it is doing. Liberation comes in final form a year or two from now.

    The Russians are fighting against more than Ukies. All of NATO, plus ten additional vassals of the Hegemon, 40 who supply weapons and money to the nazis. It’s a big war, a fight for global realignment.

    If anyone thinks they have a better strategy and tactics, send their thoughts to Moscow, Russian MOD General Staff.

  • amarynth

    Larch, we must see what the Russians say. And currently there is a great level of trust that hangs in the balance. Correctly or incorrectly.

    Russia was handed its ass in this instance. We have to say this and four villages are in Ukie hands. The half-assed RuMod explanation makes no sense.

    Russian troops that operate near Balakleya and Izyum to be redeployed for reinforcement at Donetsk direction in order to reach preestablished objectives of special military operation

    ◽️ With this purpose, Izyum-Balakleya group of troops had been redeployed to the Donetsk People’s Republic within 72 hours. Various deceptive and demonstrative manoeuvres had been carried out marking real action of the troops within the abovementioned operation.

    ◽️ The enemy had been under powerful fire attacks with the involvement of aviation, missile troops and artillery for preventing any damage to Russian troops.

    ◽️ Over 2,000 Ukrainian and foreign militants, as well as more than 100 units of armoured equipment and artillery have been eliminated within 72 hours.

    But the Russian people are talking. This has implications on the trust level all over. I am not saying it is a long-term change and that at the end of the day it will change the battlefield. But currently, there is no sense to see. I would not have liked to see a NATO even very limited victory. I want to see them go up in dust.

    Director of the RUSSTRAT Institute Elena Panina: a change in strategy is overdue: MOSCOW, September 9, 2022, RUSSTRAT Institute.

    Just a few days ago, attention was focused on the Kherson region, now-on Kupyansk and Izyum. However, we must understand that we are not
    talking about any local events. The nature of the war has changed.

    Since the end of August, the fighting in Ukraine has taken on a qualitatively new character. The United States and NATO have finally dropped their masks and are no longer hiding behind Ukrainian formations. The APU turned into a robot avatar controlled by a NATO operator, who not only sets combat tasks, but also directs their implementation in real time. Moreover, there is an upward escalation of armed actions against Russia.

    All these factors require a radical rethink of the situation and a change of strategy. And not only for the Russian armed forces. Now we are talking about protecting our citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation, protecting the national sovereignty of the country.

    I’ll discuss what I see and think right here. The Russian general staff will not be enlightened by my thoughts at all – it is of no importance to them. I don’t know how they plan and what for and none of us do. But in this case, they took a beating and they are waffling ‘deceptive and demonstrative maneuvers’ They are talking, because of the outcry, otherwise they would be simply task-focused as usual. And heaven knows, I’m on the side here. But Russia must listen to the Russians.

    The RuMod is sticking to its story. “Russian troops that operate near Balakleya and Izyum to be redeployed for reinforcement ( at Donetsk direction in order to reach preestablished objectives of special military operation.

    🇷🇺 Servicemen of Izyum-Balakleya group of troops show their courage and bravery while conducting intense combats against AFU units. Footage of Solntsepyok heavy flamethrower systems ( and 2S-19 Msta-S artillery systems ( in combat action.

  • amarynth

    Even Lira .. I know he is no expert … but morale took one hell of a hit.


    So! After reading up as much as I could, it’s clear that the Kharkov offensive is a clear win for the Zelensky regime.

    But there are caveats:

    1. This victory came at enormous cost. The Russians suffered comparatively light casualties.

    2. This victory doesn’t make up for the horrifying losses in the disastrous Kherson offensive.

    3. Most important of all, this victory does not affect the rest of the frontline. The Donbas is being retaken, Kherson and Zaparozhyia are firmly in the Russians’ hands.

    There’s no question this victory will be a morale booster for the Zelensky regime.

    But can they leverage it to attain more victories on the battlefield? Recapture a big city? Will it change the outcome of the war?

    Look at any map. The answer to these questions is obvious.

    The Russians cannot lose hearts and minds … not in the Ukraine, and not in the rest of the world.

  • Larchmonter445

    The reason neither of us is on the General Staff is self-evident. So, we have only the effects of actions to judge.

    The Russians have for four-five months used the tactic of drawing the Ukies out into the open (from forested settlements and towns north and south of Kharkov). They really pounded Terraborona and Kraken forces doing just that. They wound up with a few towns cleared out. That was not the objective. The objective of the tactic was to kill Ukies. To demilitarize them. I have followed this closely, have at least 25 articles archived over that period as I tried to figure out how they could ‘take’ Kharkiv. (I never saw any way to do that.)

    This retreat from these towns is part of the strategic repositioning of forces that are joined by new, stronger units. Meanwhile the Ukies are stretched out, far from their supporting artillery which now has to move up to protect them and which have longer supply lines. Russian aerospace and missiles will pound them day and night. Ukies are taking very heavy losses.

    If you have very light losses, and the adversary has very heavy losses, who is winning?

    The argument that Russians have to hold every inch in zones where Ukies can still operate and are not just limited to lopping in artillery shells from maximum distances, as they do many places in theatre, is irrational. The Russians hold only what is defendable and no more. We are 2 years from that result of holding and defending all the turf.

    35% of Donetsk Oblast is still in Ukie hands. That is why the Russians are adding some top units and more weapons to help. They already have moved 1300 Chechen-trained troops to the zone. This is the first time Chechens, since Mariupol, are in force inside Donetsk Oblast. They worked with LPR and still are working their elite unit with LPR but in Donetsk at Soledar.

    So, we can see the moves made in the last week were at Donetsk, not Kharkiv Oblast. Meanwhile, the Russians will use standoff weapons to diminish the ‘victorious Ukies’ who are utterly exposed, without air defense and with little arty in support.

    72 more hours we will see what this actually has become.

  • amarynth

    I am fully in tune with giving it more time. But we have to know that NATO is not disappearing into dust.

  • emersonreturn

    thank you, larchmonter445. as andre M often points out the russians always have a plan, so this makes no sense. certainly, as you point out the numbers of dead & fallen tell a very different tale. the trolls are trolling in massive numbers, @ moa a great many are fanning fear & panic & it seems to be working to a surprising degree. it seems probable some of the more influential posters have had their names usurped. & o/c defeats in war even hybrid or an smo are to be expected bt this flyby news shooting spree doesn’t ring true, especially considering russia knew what the enemy was attempting, it strikes me as all bt impossible that shoigu wasn’t prepared & had laid out an elegant response. as you say 72hrs should tell us a great deal. thank you once again for a moment’s sobriety.

  • amarynth

    ◾️If there are no changes to the special military operation today or tomorrow, I will be forced to go out to the leadership of the country to explain to them the situation on the ground
    – Kadyrov

    Kadyrov has criticized the situation:

    – I, Ramzan Kadyrov, am officially declaring to you that all these towns will be given back. Our guys are already there. Another 10 thousand fighters are ready to leave.

    – In the near future we will reach Odessa, you will see concrete results.

    – I am not a strategist, as in the Ministry of Defence. But mistakes have been made. I think they will draw conclusions. When you tell the truth to your face, you may not like it. But I like telling the truth. We talked to the commanders at the fronts.

    – It’s a shame that nothing was said for a few days. It is obvious that people were not prepared for that. We always talk about our work.

    – If there is no change in the special military operation today or tomorrow I will have to go out to the leadership of the country to explain to them the situation on the ground. It is very interesting, “awesome” I would say.

    – There are several pluses in giving them several villages and towns. We did not advertise it, but we had a special mission. Our guys have gone in and started their work.

    – In the near future we will meet with military correspondents and explain to them what patriotism is. Patriots must not be offended if someone did something wrong. We must unite people around us.

    – I know one thing. Russia will win. NATO weapons will be crushed by the spirit of our fighters. Our appearance is already making their hands and feet tremble.

  • North East

    I don’t see a point in waiting for more info as certain experts are urging. The withdrawal happened and has been acknowledged by Russian MoD. The intentions behind it or explanations for the reason mean little. That it happened is all that matters. In the latest round of the SMO, clearly seems to me to be a defeat (this round only) on several levels – which will have consequences for the next round of the SMO. Life doesn’t always follow ‘the plan’.

    While Russia avoided a large number of troops from being overrun by withdrawing the forces to more solid positions, the costs are:

    1. Every Russian/Ukrainian who is now on the other side of the front is a collaborator in the eyes of SBU/Nato/AFU. They’re dead – or will soon wish they were. If they are unlucky, they get sent to camps (Tornado and Kraken operated). More likely as corpses in trenches near the settlements. You can be sure that their deaths will be posted on social media as an example for other oblasts thinking of a referendum. The propaganda victory cannot be overstated. If only 24 hrs notice had been given to residents that ‘things were NOT ok’ where they could have an opportunity to make their way to safer areas along with the Russian forces. Negligence. I’m afraid that’s a failing not easily forgiven or forgotten by those who survive the reprisals. The withdrawal may have been necessary – and the better question is why was it necessary in the 1st place – but there are consequences.

    2. Because of Ukraine’s good showing in this round, the West is now more emboldened to throw more money and weapons. Certainly any doubts on the wisdom of support in the public and political mind have been temporarily relieved (winter will be a different story). The ‘withdrawal’ will not go unnoticed by nations that are still in the process of choosing a side. The fact that 4000+ Ukrainian soldiers lives and x number of equipment was destroyed – extracted as a price for the gains in territory – mean less than dirt, because the lives were considered as dispensable as dirt. Ukraine needed to show a ‘win’ to retain political/financial support in the short term. They achieved it.

    3. Russia’s credibility on the battlefield affects the ability to deter further escalation; also affects the political will in the EU to endure this winter and the next. Any gains by Ukraine gives the EU and the US a gambler’s false hope that they’ll come out ahead when the final gains are weighed against the losses. In other words, there’s more of an incentive to go on – not less. And the incentives are non-linear to any gain. I liken it to a gambler that has lost 20000 euros to a slot machine, but on the next throw wins 100 euros before they lose another 20000. A psychological addiction dynamic going on. It doesn’t end until the gambler is thrown out of the casino, they run out of money or credit, or they die.

  • amarynth

    Some of us accept what has happened and we are not railing and crying. Instead, we are looking at the consequences best we know how.

    It is not a popular view.