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Army of Ukraine turns Kamikaze: Update from the frontlines – Kherson

By Lone Wolf

Russia’s ongoing Security Military Operation (SMO) in Ukraine, six months later, has turned into a battlefield in many fronts inside and outside Ukraine.

Battlefield Ukraine is burning in Kherson, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Energodar, Slavyansk/Kramatorsk, Seversk, Izyum, and more, each of these fronts subdivided in even smaller combat fields.

The Kherson front became active after Ukraine finally launched the so much announced “counter offensive,” crossing the Inhulets river on five points in an easterly direction. They were repulsed on four of those, the Russians “retreated” in the area Andriivka/Lozove, allowing a Ukrainian penetration they have exploited to the max.

As of yesterday, 09/03, Ukrainian troops were caught in a fire bag, exactly in the area they were allowed to penetrate, from south of Andriivka, to the north of Lozove up to the Plotnitske tract, and southeast to Kostromka, including the village of Sukhy Stavok.

Today, 09/04, maps show the fire bag divided into three pockets, the Andriivka/Lozove/Plotnitske tract expanded south to Blahodativka and Ternivka, pushing the penetration back to the left bank of the river, and two other pockets around Sukhy Stavok and Kostromka each, isolating those villages.

Ukrainian troops are getting pounded with heavy weapons, missiles, artillery, and air bombing, the latter with the added “perk” Russia authorized use of FAB-500 bombs, which

By the way, according to the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. For sure, Kiev does not take into account those who were swept away by our bomber aircraft in 2 days in the “kishka” in the area of the Sukhoi Stavki n/a. Firstly, it is extremely difficult to get the dead, and secondly, it is difficult to determine whose head is here and whose ass is there. Several tons of FAB-500s dropped right on the head make identification and burial extremely difficult.” (Military Chronicle via Older than Edda)

North of Andriivka/Lozove, along the line Vysokopillya/ Arkhanhel’s’ke/ Bila Krynytsya, Ukraine forces continue to commit reserves despite the staggering number of casualties. Ukrainians hoisted a flag in Vysokopillya, good for PR purposes, however temporary that might be, as all these villages and towns are being reduced to rubble by FAB-500 and artillery. Ukrainians are “freeing” villages that were not occupied, on the right bank of the Inhulets river. Allied forces stopped their expansion along the left bank of the river, a natural boundary.

Units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces entered the village of Bezymennoye to the west of Karlomarksovsky, which was never captured. Russian Su-34 bombers dropped almost two dozen tons of FAB-500 bombs on the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Bezymennoye. The enemy’s manpower, equipment, and tiny ghost village all ceased to exist. (Military Chronicle via Rybar)

The pattern of these penetrations has been Ukraine’s willingness to sacrifice thousands of soldiers in an attempt to show the Collective West their determination to recover lost territories…and to get their next tranche. Ukraine’s governing elite are prisoners of their own deception, their military campaigns are all for show, Allied forces are not fighting for territory per se, but for the decapitation of Ukraine’s military capabilities, to which the Ukrainians are greatly contributing.



  • Salty Dawg

    Thanks Lone Wolf. I must admit that normally I look at the Ukraine sit reps and don’t get much out of them – too much info to take in. I like your approach of reporting on a single front – makes it much more understandable. So I’ll be looking for your next post…

  • amarynth

    Reading the channels today, the Ukrainian push on Kherson (and more) is continuing here and there. Some analysts and observers talk about 5 waves. They cannot do anything, they are not changing the outcome of the battle, they are just being slaughtered, but yet they throw soldiers into the front. Initially, I was appalled at the kill rates, but now, if they want to be killed, then it must be so.

    • Lone Wolf

      [Forwarded from LEVI]According to Ukrop Legitimny channel this was the setup for Kherson offensive, wave 1-2 got completely destroyed. – the first wave: strike groups of special forces.Approximate 5.000 people- the second wave: immediately after the first, regular units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which went through the spring campaign and have good combat experience.Approximate participation 10.000 people- the third and fourth wave: it is underway now, and consists of additional special forces and Armed Forces of Ukraine with combat experience of at least four months. Approximate number of participants: 10.000- the fifth wave, now being brought from the rear: it consists of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the territorial defense. Approximate number: 20.000———————————————Coming from Ukraine, that info is questionable. Just for the heck of it, let’s play with those figures.Approx. total: 45 to 50K soldiers, 20% of them dead by now, a sizable amount wounded, anf if taken to Mykolaiv, they were all calibrated. more coming. 35th brigade is being transferred from Odessa to Nikolaev. This comes as Russian sources report that Ukraine reinforcement of the bridgehead has been weakening. Presumably, they are running out of units in their original strike package.——————————-Add the botched assault on Enerhodar, and the losses for Ukraine from the beginning of September, are shocking. This happening while clown Ze already declared the war is unwinnable. Why then prosecute it, committing good men to a meat grinder, with no possibility to achieve anything but their death? Ukraine’s ruling elite never cared about their people, their scorched earth policies with the towns they are kicked out of, speak volumes about the cruelty and inhumanity of the nazi mindset. Lone Wolf

  • AHH

    Well done Lone Wolf.I want to add a thought mercouris indirectly raised, and which I was just discussing w/ Mr P.There may be a method to their madness, if we always keep in mind two simple objectives of the Anglo-Zionists: (1) to maintain the Ukraine as an anti-Russia enemy bastion and (2) to poison relationships with all Russian neighbors.. the mindblowing bloodletting achieves both and deepens enmities for 100 years, as Kolomoisky boasted in 2014:”Older Alex mentioned something disturbing recently not noted by many.. among the sacrificial victims of the Kherson offensive were an entire brigade from Transcarpathia.. the oblast abutting Hungary and with largest concentration of ethnic Magyar kin of Hungary. They declared a day of mourning over the debacle. So connecting dots, besides hauling in every warm available body, part of the ongoing calculations is to poison wells between Hungary and Russia. To pay back V. Orban and his resolute sane positions. So they send in human waves just like in ww1, the machine guns be damned. It’s actually worse, they lack armored combat vehicles wading across water and open terrain on foot against artillery, gunships and bombing!! The litter the fields! This is a contrived meatgrinder. I think he drew the parallel with ww1 because as a fellow historian he sees the same evil contempt for human life.”

    • Lone Wolf

      Thanks, AHH, glad to see you around. You’re always connecting dots when others don’t see dots to connect. These were special forces from Transcarpathia, Ukraine’s tactic has been to send first waves of teroborona, elite echelons follow. It was different this time, they were the first wave, after all, they could have turned against clown Ze in the future, good riddance.A point to ponder upon.Thanks.Lone WolfPS: BTW, you are a much better writer than I am, when are you going to delight us with a contribution?

      • AHH

        Thanks Lone Wolf.
        I am not ready. Much of what you see is nervous energy.. isn’t is swarmy the slow slide into ww3? Driving us all craaazy.

        Speeding typing and stream of consciousness is not enough. I respect potential readers too much. Am a perfectionist with formal writing.. “If It Must Be Done It Must Be Done Well.” I have lost much over the decades since I formally wrote – acquired a fatal love of Hyperbole!

        And timewise am on edge too – I usually rely on yours and others attention to detail and fact-finding all over the net.. Effective writing requires a lot of primary source digging and reading and sifting. It is 24/7 time commitment I simply lack right now.

        But I am content with what I see here and at Saker and few others..As I said before, we ARE a team and complement each other. I usually have little to add after the excellent work I see, and that little can be provided w/ a quick comment.

        Best Regards and continue your good work!

  • amarynth

    Brian Berletic on Kherson Direction Ukraine is throwing everything it has left at Russian forces around Kherson, struggling to maintain meager gains.The problem is, they picked Kherson because it’s perceived as among the “easiest” areas to attack along Russian lines and they’ve still lost 1,000s.Short of shocking Russian forces out of their positions which clearly didn’t happen they are simply reverting to the same type of combat they’ve been slowly losing territory amid, only with this extra concentration of forces they prepared for this botched offensive.With Russian reinforcements on their way both to Kherson and the special military operation in general, Kherson won’t even be among the “easiest” to attack.

  • amarynth

    Andrei Martyanov has a rant up on all the commentators and channels. I have a few comments in good spirits.

    One of the bugbears that he has, is that the commentator maps sometimes do not show scale. He is specifically talking about Rybar in this sense.I have never liked Rybar but the criticism is untoward. If you look at their complete maps, we have very clear exact coordinates, and can simply go and look for scale, the same way that Andrei illustrated in his example.

    Yes, those of us that comment, understand scale. I have personally posted maps to get a comparison of scale, maps that could be overlayed so that people understand the size of the battle space. We are not all super duper war experts and we don’t call ourselves that. But sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words, and sometimes we cut a little piece of a map to illustrate a little piece of the puzzle. The ones that comment, the ones that make maps, well, the maps on the videos are not static – they move from area to area, so, the scale markings cannot always be kept in the picture. One just has to understand it.

    It may also be that the level of understanding that a person like I seek, is not the same level of understanding that a military person would necessarily seek. So I find this a tremendous misunderstanding which leads to a judgment that may not be appropriate.

    I don’t need to understand this war in order to be able to analyze in a war book eventually. I need to understand this war in terms of progress, I need to understand the decisions that were taken, and I need to understand it well enough to get to the eventual political reasoning and actions.

    So, to conclude, no, I’m not going to military college to get a military degree. I have some, in my own fields. The people that we trust and follow in this domain are not worried in the least to illustrate what we feel we have to know. For that, we do the work ourselves.

    Because there are people that we regularly follow, we understand their methods, their maps and the scale of them (1:1, 1:1.5 or 2 . It is not very hard), and yes, we do know the +- length of the front line.

    I have a problem with the message that seemingly states if someone does not have the required degree level, one cannot possibly understand what is going on.

    We do understand that nobody has the plans of the RuMil. We know that.

    In general, carry on, and don’t let the message discourage any other discussions. No hard feelings, but good God – may we continue and educate ourselves? Can we accept that the ‘stupid brigade’ may have the ability to figure out and become less stupid?

    Otherwise, give ’em hell!

    I’m going to listen to Dima from Military Summary now. I understand his maps and his presentation style, and clearly he has been wrong many times. 🙂

  • North East

    Thanks Lone Wolf,I think I see where this engineered slaughter is going. First, all the the [Russian] Ukrainian men are rounded up sent to the front with Azov pointing guns at their backs. Then starting October 1, the Russian-Ukrainian women (maybe the widows!) and female relatives . After that, maybe it’ll be the orphaned children big enough to hold a rifle (age 7-8)?. Boys and girls, just as in some African conflicts. Children may not be able to carry a 100lb pack, but they can made to help in other things. A clever bit of ethnic cleansing. And maybe profitable too. Ukraine officials pocket the pension and support money to the now ghosted recipients. ‘Abandoned’ property and valuables confiscated and sold off. The contempt is breathtaking. Other peoples lives rated less than a square of toilet paper, harvested on a whim.Perhaps it’s more effective for Russia to target the conscription. The draft boards and conscription gangs. Especially the civil service offices where the records are kept? Or provide the means for the Ukrainians to do it themselves. Sabotage goes both ways.

    • AHH

      “A clever bit of ethnic cleansing.” 
      Indeed! You hit the mark. 

      I am reminded that the Anglo-Zionists want to erase ALL slavs, not just Russians. And the black sea coast of the Ukraine once being part of their ancient Khazaria, and host to the most fertile soil on earth, they want this land at all costs. 

      So Zelensky works to cull Ukies too.. trusting naive hate-filled and fear-filled Ukro-Lemmings not understanding the real score. He does not care if he loses 1000 Ukies per Russian, as long as he continues to hold some land. 5th Column is busy inside Russia, and other fronts too, which they hope can offer a reprieve, as long as they can last in the Ukraine..

      The bitterness and senselessness is a redux of Palestine in last century – a lot of work to establish facts on the ground for “A land without a people for a people without a land.” This is Hollywood myth-making and Vegas gambling on steroids.