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This days comment is that deep dissatisfaction and almost worldwide destabilization continue.   When hatred and violence prevail over dialogue, societies are destroyed.

The issue of visas for the Russian delegation to the UNGA scheduled for September 20 to 26 is heating up.

From RT:  “This is even more alarming since, for the last several months, the authorities of the US have been constantly refusing to grant entry visas to a number of Russian delegates assigned to take part in the official United Nations events,” the letter read, as quoted by the media.

Earlier this week, Nebenzia pointed out that Russian Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev and his delegation could not attend a meeting of UN police chiefs because the US refused to grant them visas.

Update:  The call is going out: @BenjaminNorton “The UN should move its headquarters out of New York as soon as possible. The US rogue regime has repeatedly violated the hosting agreement. The US is not a responsible country; it does not respect the rights of other countries. The world needs a new UN HQ”

Despite the presence of representatives of the IAEA at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, the Kiev regime once again attempted to seize the nuclear power plant.

◽️ On September 2, at about 23:00 Moscow time, two groups of boats and motor boats with a total number of 42 units with a landing force of over 250 people from among the special operations forces and foreign mercenaries attempted to land on the coast of the Kakhovka reservoir in the Energodar and Dneproprudny area.

💥 Four Su-30s and two Ka-52 helicopters of the Russian Aerospace Forces attacked the formation, as a result of which 20 boats were destroyed. The rest of the boats turned around and left in the direction of the Ukrainian coast.

💥 Russian artillery, including howitzers of high power “Malka”, struck at the Ukrainian part of the coast in the areas of the settlements of Vyshetarasovka, Chervonodneprovka, where the remnants of the landing force came ashore.

◽️ According to available information, during the failed provocation, Ukrainian nationalists lost 47 militants killed, including 10 foreign mercenaries, 23 wounded.

This is the scary part:


US is treading VERY FINE LINE from becoming ACTIVE party to CONFLICT in Ukraine – Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov.

New news flowing in like a river in flood today.   This one, I expected.

Nord Stream has been suspended indefinitely, Gazprom has announced.  Malfunctions were detected on the last remaining turbine, Rostekhnadzor issued a warning to the company. Gazprom sent a letter to Siemens about the need to repair the turbine.

EU puts cap on gas prices .. Russia puts cap on gas! This is the end of the EU – Mama Mia!)

(There has to be a song that goes with this!  David Gilmore in the Meltdown Concert? A song about the Fat Lady singing?

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine admitted that Ukrainian troops launched strikes in the Energodar area, where the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant is located – RIA Novosti

In the last few hours, there was an attempted assassination on Cristina Elisabet Fernández de Kirchner of Argentina. She is generally pro-Brics and while I am not too knowledgable on Argentine politics, it is as polarized as Brazilian politics.

Argentinean Media C5S claims that this was the pic of the supposed Brazilian Man named “Fernando André Sabag Montiel”, 35 years old, that tried to kill Argentinean leftist Vice-President.  The gun was pointed right in her face, but misfired.

On his Elbow, a clear and well-noticeable tattoo of a Schwarze Sonne, a black sun, a Neo-Pagan Symbol used by National Socialist Groups can be seen!

Pakistan floods –  the latest update:

– 1350 people killed
– 50M people displaced
– 900K livestock deaths
– 1M houses washed away
– 40+ reservoirs breached
– 220+ bridges collapsed
– 90% cropped damaged
– $10B loss to the economy
– 1/3 country underwater

The United States disrupted Kolokoltsev’s participation in the conference of the heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the UN.  The Russian delegation was not issued visas, Nebenzya said.

I am really concerned about visas for Lavrov and his delegation for the next UN general assembly.

This may be just a US game?. If these visas do not get issued, then the UN will move is my view.

The EU’s are still trying it on by price capping Russian oil.  How absurd!  – Finance ministers of the G7 countries on Friday will support the introduction of restrictions on the price of Russian oil.

Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister : Moscow will not supply oil to those who introduce a price cap on Russian oil.

Current comment from Pepe Escobar: You CANNOT go wrong always expecting Extreme Stupidity from the G7. They just agreed on a price cap for Russian oil.

Which means they WON’T get ANY Russian oil: Global South customers will.

Dmitry Medvedev responded to European Commission about the so-called price cap on Russian gas : “It will be like with oil. There will simply be no Russian gas in Europe.”

From 8 to 12 people from the IAEA mission will remain at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, Alexander Volga, head of the military-civilian administration of Energodar, said.

UN on preventing the capture of the ZNPP by Ukrainian saboteurs: we are glad that the Russian Federation has done what is necessary to protect the IAEA inspectors,  Russia expects participation of Grossi and Guterres at the meeting of the UN Security Council on the Zaporozhye NPP on September 6, Polyansky said.

(Reporting on this is confusing.  The last report that I saw, only two people would be remaining.)

The UN again presented a report on supposed Human Rights at Xinjiang and accusing China of : discrimination against Uyghurs in northwest China that “may constitute crimes against humanity” and “gives credible evidence that Uyghurs have been tortured in the camps,”.  I will write about this.  The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Ms Bachelet, actually went to Xinjiang and saw no abuses.  She was hunted, haunted, she resigned and still, she was forced to retract.  While such histories abound, can we then understand the attitude of António Guterres? Secretary General of the UN.   That man is under major pressure and threat is my guess.  Quick comments right here on the inline commenting

A friend sent this report to me.  Personally, I feel very disassociated from US politics but I do recognize people still live there and for that, it is impórtant.  The friend’s comment was:  “The Fascist Declaration of War against the People.” 

I don’t disagree with him. Its 1984.

Israel conducted several airstrikes on Aleppo airport before turning fire on Damascus targets just a few hours later in an effort to prevent a US-sanctioned Iranian plane from landing, Syrian news reported on Wednesday night. (Sabereen).  The strikes at Aleppo International Airport “caused material damage at the heart of the facility,” and downed “a number of missiles,” the military reports.

The attacks come just hours after Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid spoke with US President Joe Biden about the revival of the Iran nuclear deal and praised recent US strikes on Iran-backed militias in eastern Syria.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry slammed the strikes by Israel as “unacceptable”, and warned they could lead to large-scale escalation.

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5 months ago
little green icon like this in the text" Read more »

Thanks amarynth. what a good idea

5 months ago
While such histories abound, can we then understand the attitude of António Guterres? Secretary General of the UN.   That…" Read more »

Guterres is partisan with the “West” ie Empire of Lies and is not at all fair and unbiased.

Salty Dawg
Salty Dawg
5 months ago
the UN will move is my view" Read more »

If they were to move from under the US thumb would be the best thing for them and the world. Even though the US is a major financer to the UN projects and operations, you can be sure that it comes with strings attached. To where do you think they… Read more »

5 months ago
the UN will move is my view" Read more »

Don’t think US will allow UN to move from NY. Power game plus money to be made by the hosting city. What is really needed is the eliminating of corrupt people who will do what US says in exchange for $$. Moving UN to, say, any non-NATO will not ipso… Read more »

5 months ago
little green icon like this in the text" Read more »

I wanted to make a comment on pepes remark below but how to get the green box to appear?