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Guestwriter: Lone Wolf

The so-much cackled, for months on end, Ukrainian “counteroffensive,” finally launched yesterday, is not worth the ink to write about it, or the waste of bandwidth to publish it.

For weeks Ukrainians have been doing reconnaissance-in-force along a sector of the Inhulets river, natural boundary line between them and the Allied army. Over the night from the 28th-29th, they unleashed HIMARS and artillery fire on the Russian positions, advertising their intentions, followed with an attack on five points along a 7 to 10 kms front.

Their attack was checked on four of the five points, Ukrainians had to retreat to the contact line with severe losses, only gaining a foothold in the village of Sukhoy Stavok. Current military situation remains unclear, there is fighting along the contact line, most of the Ukrainian penetrations have been repulsed, fighting is ongoing.

Ukrainian losses in the misadventure were high, according to Russia’s MoD,

“…During the fighting, 26 Ukrainian tanks, 23 infantry fighting vehicles, nine other armoured fighting vehicles were destroyed and two Su-25 attack aircraft were shot down.

Enemy casualties in manpower amounted to over 560 troops…”

End of story.

We can be sure that Ukraine’s “counteroffensive” will not make it to the annals of military history, other than to mock their leadership. However, the failed “counteroffensive” is full of significant political developments.

First of all, Ukraine’s MoD in their evening briefing on the 29th, made no mention of the glorious “counteroffensive” because it was Zelensky’s brainchild. Ukraine’s army refuses to be scapegoated (again) by Zelensky playing Napoleon with their men and materiel. The catastrophic defeat will only increase the gap between Zelensky & Co., Arestovich mafia, and Zalushnyi and the Ukrainian army.

Zelensky’s reason to play Napoleon has nothing to do with pressing for strategic advantage, or for military gains, it was a political calculation based on economic needs. The “million-man army” fairytale behind this “counteroffensive” secured him the tranche for July, after which European countries caught up with his lies and the tranche for August never came, supplies to Ukraine decreased by 70-80% to those in June.

His lies took him only so far, he ran out of mileage.

UK/US were forced to call a meeting to beg Europe to keep on sending weapons, but under the pretext their own stocks are depleted, and following Germany’s lead, no more weapons.

Zaluzhnyi, CINC of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, has been counseling against ANY counteroffensive, reason being there are no reserves, they were all transferred to Avdiivka/Soledar/Ugledar frontlines. Zelensky’s mafia launched this misadventure with the remnants of the reserves, dumping cannon fodder on the meat grinder, all to secure the continuity of European support, and the September tranche.

US think-tanks were also cautioning Ukraine the window for a counteroffensive was gone, Russia was repositioning large troops numbers in sectors of the front threatened by Ukraine, even when officials in Kiev declared the “counteroffensive” an IPSO (Information-PSYOP.)

Zelensky’s mafia lies, and deceit, only took them from a S.N.A.F.U. to a F.U.B.A.R., alienating his support in Europe, strengthening the Allied positions for the upcoming battle of Nikolaev, and depleting even more the Ukrainian army, which lost two to three battalions plus equipment, and counting.

Bye-bye, Zelensky.

Lone Wolf


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5 months ago

Well said. “The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during yesterday’s offensive operations: More than 1,200 Ukrainian servicemen died during the defeat of the offensive of Ukrainian troops in Nikolaev-Krivoy Rog and other directions. Also, effective actions of the Russian… Read more »

5 months ago

This is from ASB Military News – Ukraine reports serious malfunctions of western military weapons. (Are they going to blame the west for losing?) 🇺🇸 Howitzer M777: After frequent firing, the barrel does not fully return to its original position, which further disables the gun; after 30 shots, the bolt… Read more »

Salty Dawg
Salty Dawg
5 months ago

UAF is definitely on a slippery slide into oblivion. I don’t think they can last much longer. Somethin’s gotta give! And now that their allies have dumped most of their old and obsolete weapons there, what’s left is barely serviceable. And of course Zelensky doesn’t even listen to his own… Read more »