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On the other side of the world:

⚓️ Pacific Fleet warships begin deployment at sea as part of Vostok 2022 exercise

▫️More than 50 warships, boats, submarines and auxiliary vessels are already operating in tactical groups at sea training ranges in the Sea of Japan and the Sea of Okhotsk at this stage.

▫️As part of the exercise, the Pacific Fleet, in cooperation with long-range aviation of the Russian Air Force and PLA naval forces, will carry out anti-ship, anti-air and anti-submarine defence tasks in the Sea of Japan and east of the Kamchatka Peninsula.

▫️The ships will conduct missile and artillery firing against surface and air targets, practice air defence, and search for and destroy enemy submarines.

Mikhail Gorbachev dies at 91.

In reality, it makes no change.  Excepting in the heart.  I fell for Glasnost and Perestroika, while the USSR and the US were waging proxy battles and I lost my own country.  Nothing more to say about this except that I think he meant well and did not understand who he was dealing with.  All it is is the end of an era.

They seem to have brought children with them to a war zone.  I see 2 kids with the delegation.  [wpdiscuz-feedback id=”lfm3tpghqr” question=”Please leave a feedback on this” opened=”0″]Do you see that?  [/wpdiscuz-feedback]

Major clashes in Iraq and tense scenes in the Green Zone – Iraq has seen an unstable night following the retirement from politics of popular Shi’ite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr.  Protests led to clashes leaving a number of people dead and injured.

Just a while ago, Iraqi Shia leader Muqtada al-Sadr gives his supporters an hour to leave Iraqi Parliament building and “Green Zone” (housing government institutions) in Baghdad, saying that he is very tired of what is happening in Iraq, asking for forgiveness from people.

Rocket Attacks Hit Iraqi Gasfield – US Contractors Flee As Fighting Intensifies

The crucial Khor Mor gas field in northern Iraq has been hit by a series of rocket attacks, forcing US contractors to flee after two Turkish subcontractors had already left, and hitting the source of 85% of the Kurdish region’s revenue as regional debt sits at around $38bn.

Texan company Exterran Corp had returned after rockets in June forced them out, but have left without a planned return according to local authorities, leaving plans to double production in one of the country’s largest fields.

The latest is that Iran has closed its border with Iraq.

Of course we see iconic pictures and videos being taken of US staff evacuting from the roof of the embassy by helicopter.

Commenting from Global Times:  After Saigon and Kabul, now a ‘Baghdad moment’ comes into sight

Ukraine is shelling coastline of Energodar in order to disrupt IAEA mission to Zaporozhye NPP – TASS citing local media

There is not much enthusiasm for the visit of the UN nuclear inspectors:

In a major development, Venezuela and Colombia have restored full diplomatic relations.

(I believe this one 100% even though it comes from Turkish media – we’ve seen this type of action before.)

The use of the Dollar continues to be hollowed out:

Argentina became the first country in Latin America that is interested ( acquiring an Indian fighter jet TEJAS. What is important, the countries agreed to settle accounts in their national currencies instead of the dollar.

The Foreign Ministers of Argentina and India held talks during which they aimed to strengthen ties in the trade and defense spheres. Thus, the Latin Americans expressed interest in the Indian single-engine lightweight multipurpose supersonic fighter of the fourth generation TEJAS. Previously, such countries as Australia, Egypt, the United States, Indonesia and the Philippines were interested in this aircraft.

Today, more and more states are seeking to conduct mutual settlements in national currencies. Trade is increasingly taking place without the use of a third currency – the dollar. This weakens not only the dominance of the US currency in the world market, but also the supremacy of the US itself among other significant and powerful countries. However, we have already written ( about this a couple of months ago, and the situation continues to gain momentum.

The Solomon Islands which was written about in the previous Here Comes China newsletter:

The Solomon Islands have officially banned American warships from entering local ports. This is reported by the US Embassy.

A couple of years ago, the Solomon Islands passed into the sphere of influence of China, having concluded a cooperation agreement with the PRC (in various areas – part of the local economy was actually bought by the Chinese), and also withdrew recognition of Taiwan. Also, the security agreement gives China the right to deploy troops in the Solomon Islands “to ensure law and order.”

In addition, the issue of establishing a Chinese naval base in the Solomon Islands is being discussed with might and main, although the local government denies this. The U.S. rightfully fears that if China establishes a full-fledged Djibouti-style base there, it will change the balance of power in the region and directly challenge U.S. control. The Pentagon sees this as a critical blow to the strategy of blocking China with the “island lines” system.
In addition, the Solomon Islands potentially provide opportunities for China to strike at US bases in Australia.
The Australian government has already labeled a potential PRC base in the Solomon Islands as a “hostile power base,” comparing it to Imperial Japanese bases during World War II.

Last year in November, the US and Australia tried to outplay the Chinese by organizing mass unrest in the country’s capital with an attack by rioters on Chinatown (3 killed). On the sly, they tried to push through the entry of Australian troops into the Solomon Islands. This method has already been used in Iraq to combat Iranian influence. But the occupation of the Solomon Islands by Australia did not work out (peacekeepers from Fiji were sent to the capital), and China does not forget anything. Now the American warships have been asked not to dock.  At the same time, China now has the right of free entry of its warships to ports on the Solomon Islands.

I bet that the United States will soon find problems with democracy in the islands.

Pakistan – if you read any daily news, you will be aware of the devastating floods and mudslides in Pakistan.  Sometimes the mind goes to conspiracy theories.  There is no real way for the western-backed government to keep Imran Khan out of the government of the country.  The last we heard is that he was under house arrest with made-up charges.  And with the next news, the country is expriencing a massive natural weather emergency.  Strange coincidence.

Nordstream1 shuts down for maintenance from tomorrow, and Russia has just declared no more gas for France’s Engie.

The Chinese spox Zhao Lijian went on a tear this morning regarding Syria and Afghanistan among other issues.

It is appalling to see the sheer scale of US plundering in Syria, which has been going on as the country tries to emerge from a crisis that has dragged on for over a decade and a grave humanitarian crisis facing its people. There is no greater injustice than the world’s wealthiest country robbing one of the poorest. 

The US needs to listen to the strong voice of the Afghan people and the international community, immediately return the assets of the Afghan central bank, take real action to heal Afghan people’s wounds, and show accountability to the world.


  • Salty Dawg

    Thanks, Amarynth, for providing the latest timely news from the Global South. You provide one of the truly pertinent views of the multi-polar world with pertinent analysis where warranted. Thanks.

    How about that Baghdad moment with the anglos running away in helicopters from Iraq. Maybe the tide is turning there!

    And the multi-polar world continues to consolidate vis a vis Venezuela and Colombia!

    And even the Solomon Islands is also pushing back!

  • Ersim

    Since February 24 of the current year, the unipolar world has been slowly desintegrating into a multipolar world. Meanwhile the so called “free world” aka the collective West/”international community” still in “the longest river”, DENIAL.

  • amarynth

    Checking out inline feedback as part of the new commenting system. Question is serious though.

  • Col...'the farmer from NZ'


    I get a distinct feeling now that there is a tidal wave building around the world which is about to swamp the Zone A narratives including all the combined and interlinked financial, green, military/security, and bioweapon plots.

    The Aussies have really got some momentum happening with this enquiry organised by Senator Malcolm Roberts… they are miles ahead of us here in New Sheepland.

    There is a multitude of very powerful testimonies in this link, and once again Julian Gillespie absolutely nails it in his presentation. IMO he is right up there with Rheiner Fuellmich in this global battle. I have a sneaking feeling that it will be a race between the US and Aus that puts an end to this entire bioweapon debacle.

    It is hard to pick the most outstanding contribution in this massive resource of material, but Warner Mendenhall came across incredibly well… apparently, the Brook Jackson case is now potentially a ~$3trillion action which will comprehensively bankrupt Fizzer if they lose. Also, he is in touch with around 500 attorneys who are all bringing lawsuits at various levels.

    Hopefully, many of these will become international class actions that will bankrupt the entire Big-pharma network and all of its collaborating partners in crime. Mendenhall had one case recently where an injunction was filed on a Monday for a mandated Dr and the judge found in favour the next day.

    This is all turning into a global tidal wave that will soon swamp Big-pharma.
    Whoop… WHOOP!!!  

    • AHH

      Yes there is a tidal wave Col!

      I have 51 tabs open in just one group of my Yandex tabs!!

      I travelled last week and am still catching up..Mercouris noted a few nights ago that all was going to hell in a handbasket while we’re focused on the riveting drama in the Ukraine..

      (1) Ethiopia and the Tigreyan rebels being fueled by the Empire are resuming fighting which will blow up what remains of the Horn of Africa (and China’s top investment site and home to the African Union and source of the Nile River which may draw in Egypt and Sudan in a conflagration)

      (2) Serbia and Kosovo at instigation of the usual suspects are inching towards war.. Serbia now in military maneuvers on its borders

      (3) Russia sailing destroyers within the tight confines of the Irish Sea – more incendiary than the FONOPS of the Pirates in the Taiwan Straits.

      (4) Are more Russian elites and intelligentsia being hit by assassination (Luk Oil VP just flew outside the 6th floor window of his Moscow hospital – the same elite hospital hosting Gorbachev remains atm) – see my comment at latest Pepe article on the Saker

      (5) French escalating in West Africa –
      Mali has urged the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to put an end to “acts of aggression” by France, accusing Paris of arming and collecting information for terrorist groups operating in Mali’s Sahel region.

      there are a hundred other little bushfires in the four corners of the world

  • Col...'the farmer from NZ'


    With all that is happening right at this moment and with impending liquidity and current account challenges for so many countries around the world, perhaps it is timely to remind ourselves of the endless bag of tricks that the City of London/Wall Street Cabal has at its disposal… including further attempts at consolidating blatant debt entrapment.

    This Doco is probably the single best explanation I have seen of how Zone A interests use the central banking cabal along with the IMF, and the World Bank to create ruinous sovereign debt spirals. 

    These are of course dressed up as rescue packages but they are the polar opposite and are expressly designed to ruin economies so that the Western kleptocrats can then pillage their assets and state utilities. Often these countries can operate for some time without being aware that they have committed economic hare kari.

    Even their current accounts don’t flag what is really happening, as initially in spite of their exports usually falling in value significantly, this is covered by the inflow of capital from the loans issued from overseas… this inflow of capital appears on their current account books just the same as income from exports does.

    The playbook involves giving incentives for firms to borrow from western sources at low-interest rates and the internal bank lending is usually then left to much more high-risk borrowers. Their economies become far less competitive. Part of the cunning plot is that their domestic currencies are pegged to the US dollar. 

    Normally currency speculators then begin to sell those currencies and the Central Bank tries to maintain the peg but in doing so squanders their foreign exchange reserves. These countries then find themselves in a position where they think they have to borrow more from the IMF in order to avoid default.

    When this happened to Thailand during the Asian Tiger economy crisis they were not permitted to borrow from Japan which had offered them favourable terms… instead they had to borrow from the IMF. These creatures set up their own offices within the Thai central bank itself from where they drew up what amounted to terms of surrender for their economy.

    These demands always involve strict Western cabal control of central bank and bank credit creation, major legal changes, and sharp rises in interest rates. As interest rates rise high-risk borrowers begin to default on their loans. Then the banks burdened with large bad debts on their books start to fall over. What follows is a bankruptcy tsunami of domino type effect where corporate bankruptcies and unemployment soars.

    In Thailand’s debacle, unemployment promptly rose to the highest levels since the 1930s. The IMF did the same in South Korea… they even calculated just how many Korean companies would go tits up if interest rates were to go up by say 5%… guess what, their loan agreement with Korea demanded… that interest rates immediately went up by 5%!! These predatory loan sharks actually prevent these countries from reflating their economies… they are aimed at completely the polar opposite of economic recovery.

    They don’t even try to disguise their racket and demand that the ailing financial institutions can only be recapitalised by borrowing even more foreign money. The tragedy is that none of these countries needs to ever go cap in hand to the likes of the IMF… their own central banks could just print the money to recapitalise their banking system… YOU DON’T NEED FOREIGN CAPITAL TO DO THIS.

    Clearly, this is blatantly predatory. To make matters worse the IMF demanded that these troubled banks could not be bailed out internally even though the crisis was created by deliberate overseas predatory practices. Western corporations then take advantage of buying up these artificially distressed assets for pennies on the pound.

    When a Connecticut-based hedge fund had leveraged $5 billion in client funds out to an outrageous $100 billion and ended up in crisis in the US just a year later, the rules were suddenly entirely different and the FED organised cartel bailouts by leaning on Wall Street and international banks to contribute funds to avoid default.

    These are blatant contradictions when the US makes these sorts of demands on foreign markets when it has absolutely no intention of enforcing any of these rules within its own financial institutions.

    This is how crises can be engineered to facilitate the redistribution of economic ownership and to implement legal, structural and political change.

    Note too that NZs central bank the RBNZ is not independent in any shape or form and that as a member of the Bank of International Settlements [BIS] it follows their playbook… NB the BIS [a very apt acronym] was a Nazi construct formed in the leadup to WW2 and specifically designed to pilfer and launder war booty!

    It just got much worse for Mainstreet NZ though. The RBNZ is being stacked with people that are poised to further entrench reverse-apartheid agendas’ in NZ. Mr Global is infiltrating our central bank. Clearly, this is aimed at further steering even more fiscal and monetary policy in order to aid the control of our country by global corporate entities.

    This is becoming more and more sinister by the day for little old NZ and looks for all the world like a global central bank coup de tat… it certainly quacks like one!  

    Cheers and regards to all

  • Ersim

    “Do you see that?”. What does that mean? Some sort of test? 🤔

    • amarynth

      Its all new. That is inline commenting. Click around — you can comment right at the question.

  • AHH

    testing testing

  • Sudhi

    Forwarded from Older than Edda :And so what happened today in Energodar. The landing operation “Overlordenko” was supposed to be the icing on the cake of the Kherson offensive. The Armed Forces of Ukraine prepared it for a long time, trained landings from boats, carefully masked the preparatory measures (which did not prevent our intelligence from carefully monitoring them).And even though the Kherson offensive operation itself did not go according to plan, the capture of Energdar by a river assault was supposed to neutralize the negative consequences of huge losses and, in general, at the moment, an extremely unsuccessful attempt at a counteroffensive.As a result, early this morning, 2 barges and up to 30 boats of the Ukrainian landing force began to cross the Dnieper and crossed it directly into a prepared ambush, where Russian Guard soldiers and army aviation were already waiting for them.One barge was burned right on the way, parts of the landing force were allowed to land on the shore, pressed down by fire and began to methodically and cold-bloodedly destroy. Now up to 60 corpses of Ukrainian fighters of the most elite units lie on the shore, the beauty and pride of the ZSU. The rest swim in the river and feed the fat Dnieper crayfish.There were instructors from NATO countries, we will find out after examining the corpses, it is quite possible that they were. In any case, the Overlordenko operation will go down in the golden annals of the most disastrous operations, and drowned men in the form of Zbroynyh forces emerging from the waters of the Dnieper at night will be part of Little Russian folklore for a long time to come.