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Yeah! Pepe Escobar said it!

Its long been my belief that this shift is being played with.  And here Pepe says it on his telegram channel


From one of my top Beltway intel sources. That’s as much as I’m allowed to quote – what’s not included is even more incandescent:

“Germany and the US want to reenact World Wars One and Two this time with the Anglo-Saxons on the side of Germany. Russia and China are quite aware of what is going on and may make their moves soon in the Balkans in collaboration with the enemies of Vucic in Serbia. China did not appreciate that their diplomats were murdered on purpose by NATO [a reference to the bombing of Belgrade in 1999]. The purposeful killing of these diplomats was the gravest error of policy. Murder, though it hath no tongue, speaks with most miraculous organ (Shakespeare). And as the French say, the more things change the more they stay the same.

The Anglo-Saxons are sleepwalking into World War Three and as Napoleon said beware of waking up China. China tilts the balance of power in favor of Russia. Most of the rest of the world supports Russia.”

I’ve been saying for years, they want a war, because they want to own the world.  Any war will do.  This line of thinking and to think it through to the end, I’m yet unable to put words to because it is frightening.


  • Larchmonter445

    The fascists of Europe certainly want to see Russia defeated. The problem for them is NATO cannot fight a land war.
    The US will need a ‘Pearl Harbor’ event to get public support of a war in Europe.

    Much of the land war equipment of the NATO nations has been burned up or sold off by the Ukies.

    Where is the air force that would lead the attack against the Russian missile and air defenses?
    Nearly all the NATO forces now fly F-35s. Their best use is standoff netcentric nodes, not fighting.
    The real air power is based on US aircraft carriers. They need refueling mid-air to carry sorties against Russia. Russia will sink the carriers if they are used in any attack.

    A missile war? Russia has hypersonics that will devastate nearly every EU capital and their military bases.

    The warmongers can dream of war against Russia, but it is un-winnable and won’t unfold like WWI or WWII.

    What we hear are ravings of the lunatics. Loud and persistent, but at base, just ravings from those who know they lost already.

  • amarynth

    It is the sheer lunacy that is scary. I’ve seen it play out bigger than Pepe in fever dreams .. Aukus for example with Japan and Australia and those attempts there are continuing as we go.

    Thing is what I don’t see is evidence of, is that they know they have lost. I still see mucho machismo. Germany was a weapons producing miracle when they got going. It is not that it cannot be done .. so, perhaps they lose, and lose big, but who needs another ocean passage between the borders of Canada and Mexico (is the joke). As I say, it is the lunacy and the cost of a continuing willingness for war. Afghanistan did not teach a lesson, perhaps the Ukraine teaches that lesson.

    • Larchmonter445

      The need for energy to run their factories is self-evident. EU is shutting all its capacities to produce hardware.

      Maybe they will shift to rosary beads as weapons. That will be possible to mass produce using cottage industry. Everyone will be home-bound, freezing anyway. Giving them some tasks to keep their hands warm will be a help.

      No nat gas, no oil, no diesel. No war. Horses and bows and arrows is what they have left.

  • Ersim

    The so called “accidental bombing” of the Chinese embassy during the NATO terror bombing in Belgrade in 1999, is a war crime. China eventually was able to flex its muscle, in a way, during the so called Heinan Island Incident in 2001 when it forced a US spy plane to land on the island, which is part of China. And it was not an April fool’s. Since then China, little by little, showed that it was not going to be bullied, anymore and even more so with Russia doing the same.

  • Salty Dawg

    It amazes me the lengths to which the empire will go to try and keep their world dominance. Even to the point of threatening nukes. Unfortunately, they are like a cancer – once established, very difficult to get rid of. I like the multi-polar approach where the rest of the world is going in a more sane direction and simply excluding and replacing the west when they don’t want to play nice.

  • Col...'the farmer from NZ'

    @ Amarynth

    “All of this makes me think it is not all quiet on the various fronts.”

    Absolutely!… in his excellent Storm Clouds talk,m that you posted recently, George Yeo mentioned that the longest serving Chinese Ambassador to the US [2013-2021] Cui Tiankae stated the following soon after leaving office [8:50 mark in the link]…

    “America’s ill-will for China has no bottom line… and underlying it is racism. China should be very careful. China should not lose what it has painfully gained over the years by rash action. Never fight a war you cannot win and never fight a protracted war.”

    As Yeo states… these were not off-the-cuff remarks, Tiankae was reading from a script. He took this as a signal that China was preparing for war, not because China wanted war but because in order to avoid war it must be prepared for war.

    Agreed, Amarynth… things are far from quiet on more than one front.


    PS There were many other valuable insights in Yeo’s presentation too.

  • amarynth

    OK, we can see the Ukraine provocation being played out in Taiwan.

    This may be true, it may not be true, yet the provocation is there.

    From RT: Taiwan Defense Forces Open Fire On Chinese Army Drone Reportedly Approaching Kinmen Islands – Statement

    The drone managed to fly away intact, according to the Taiwan Central News Agency.

    It is not an issue if the west will lose, they will with the military profiles up to now, but at what chaos?

  • North East

    “… reenact World Wars One and Two this time with the Anglo-Saxons on the side of Germany

    I recall reading a very plausible thesis it was indeed the strategic aim just before the start of WW2 – maybe the early 1930’s. The problem was ‘attack dog’ Germany turned westward instead of eastward (it did eventually). The West needed help from their intended victim(s) to save themselves from their own creation.

    Might explain a couple of bizarre footnotes of history that not commonly found in the textbooks: circumstances behind Churchill’s ouster, Germany’s rebuilding of forces under Europe’s watch while still being under Versailles restrictions, the U.S Nazi movement ( it was quite large), the virtually instantaneous pivot toward the cold war after WW2 culminating in the planning operation Dropshot, the difference in treatment of Japan vs Russia post-war in the context of Japan’s ‘adventures’ on the Asian continent, etc.


    In my view, the bottom line, apropos WW3, is China’s immense collective intelligence and ingrained Taoist-Confucius mindset.Unlike the impetuous, narcissistic Empire of Lies and Corruption, China has the power to reflect carefully prior to making any decision.And its firm belief that “the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting” is its starting point.What are we to make of this?In my view, it means that despite every effort of the US hornets’ nest, there will be no war. China will just sit it out until the US economy: already on the skids, finally burns itself out!

  • April

    Congrats Amarynth!Your 2nd sentence in the 2nd para doesnot read right. Are Russia and China going to collaborate w/the enemies of Vucic in Serbia?

    • amarynth

      It does sound funny but it was taken directly from Pepe’s announcement. So, I just let it hang out there and we will get more information.