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Sunday presents a man that everyone listens to …

Mr George Yeo (Visiting Scholar, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy and Founding Patron, Asia Competitiveness Institute)

George Yeo is Singapore’s former foreign minister.  Unassuming, charmingly direct, an honest man with a clear vision of today’s international relations and geopolitical status.  He is a China expert and presents the Chinese view in the context of their long history.  For example, he relates why China follows a zero Covid and lockdown policy.  He considers that China’s red line has been crossed and expects some kind of action on Taiwan.  What a pleasure to find this completely lucid and coherent man.

One has to adjust a little because he has an accent.  I had a great big laugh because of this accent.  He refers at one stage to Colin Powell, and in his accent, it sounds like Colin Cow.


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  • Col...'the farmer from NZ'

    Thanks for finding this for us Amarynth.

    What an excellent presentation and a welcome change from the normal western diet of constant sinophobic mantras and misinformation.

    So much in here, and not the least being the insight at around the 15-minute mark] into how China has historically handled epidemics and some of the reasons why they act as they do… ie as much as a rehearsal for a deadly serious pandemic when it does arrive.

    And who could possibly blame them when as the former Chinese/US ambassador states that “US ill will for China has no bottom line and underlying this is racism [6-10 minute mark].

    Your blog is off to a magnificent start!