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Daily Chronicles … OT April 11
Site 512 (joint usziobase? see article intercept) seems to b...
Five Nations Attack Zion
Russia Today (RT) news is having trouble reporting current e...
Five Nations Attack Zion
Thanks. The best Russian media in English appears Sputnik on...
Mr P
Daily Chronicles … OT April 11
searchterm phrase fragment> pipes in Glen Canyon Dam that...
Daily Chronicles … OT April 11
I took at look at the population pyramids of not just Bander...
Daily Chronicles … OT April 11
Someone made a comment recently along the lines of about a t...
Daily Chronicles … OT April 11 —...
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Daily Chronicles … OT April 11 banging in proce...
Daily Chronicles … OT April 11
I’m getting most of info from comment section to MoA h...
Daily Chronicles … OT April 11
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Brian’s telegram feed has photos of the strikes on ZNPP.  He says: 

Ukraine Shells Building DIRECTLY NEXT TO Nuclear Reactor

In this first picture you can see reactor 2 of 6 at the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant in the background. The roof of this building in the foreground is breached. The building just beyond it houses a nuclear reactor.

This is beyond reckless. It is desperate insanity by Ukraine reflecting a likewise desperate insanity among its Western sponsors.

This speaks for itself.   The words from the leader of this mission do not indicate truthful fact-finding.   

Nebenzya twists the knife!

UN Deputy Secretary General Rosemary di Carlo: As the Secretary General made it clear, the electricity produced at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant belongs to Ukraine.

Nebenzya: “We have heard the words that the electricity of the Zaporozhye NPP belongs to Ukraine. We would like to point out that we have not heard such words from the UN Secretariat either in relation to Russian financial assets frozen in the West, or in relation to Syrian oil, which is being stolen by the American authorities, who are illegally occupying part of Syria. Never heard it!”

Urgent message from Zaporozhye NPP channel:

“⚡️⚡️⚡️ Ukrainian special services are trying to establish contacts with ZNPP workers. Ukraine is preparing a terrorist attack against the IAEA mission to the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant.”

How the tables have turned:

The EU will soon face serious challenges due to sanctions against the Russian Federation – the head of European diplomacy Borrell How the tables have turned

Julian Assange’s legal team filed an appeal on Friday to stop the WikiLeaks co-founder’s extradition to the US, where he faces espionage charges that carry a prison sentence of up to 175 years.

(I think this may be the last legally possible appeal).

Dmitry Medvedev has predicted that the Ukrainian military may stage a coup in Kiev to do what the civilian government refuses to do – negotiate peace with Russia.

A little weekend stuff:

First today is Imran Khan and Pakistan. This is important as it is a case of Empire Strikes Back!

Pakistan Descending Into Fascism, Ex-PM Khan Tells RT

Ousted Pakistan PM Imran Khan spoke exclusively to RT about his country’s “descent into fascism”, the rise in political activism amongst the population and the “imported government”.

“We have a government that has no credibility amongst the people… we call it an ‘imported government’. The economy has tanked, inflation has gone through the roof. It is compensating by imposing these draconian measures on us.

“They are clamping down on the media, they’ve instigated various cases against me -one of them is a terrorism case, which is actually a joke… They are scared, and that’s why they’re clamping down.”

US Pressured Pakistani Officials to Oust Me, Former PM Imran Khan Tells RT

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke to RT about his abrupt exit from power in April, citing the “blatant” interference “from outside”.

“There is a cipher – a conversation between the Pakistani ambassador in Washington and the undersecretary of state of the US … where he threatens the Pakistani ambassador, “Unless I, Imran Khan, is removed as Prime Minister … there will be consequences for Pakistan””

The former leader also claimed that his trip to Russia was used as one of the pretenses to oust him from the government.

Regarding the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant: Information over the past 12 hours is unreliable. The most reliable now, is that the Ukrainians could not do the damage that they wanted to do, to the plant itself so, they focused on taking out the power lines and substations from the plant.

Latest: Ukrainian shelling takes out ALL FOUR lines. The supply of electricity going to Ukraine from Europe’s largest nuclear power plant has been cut, after Kiev forces shelled the area. (RIA Novosti citing local authorities). Best I can find is that the plant was disconnected from the power grid and power supply to the liberated territories of Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions was cut off. In total this amounts to 20% of electricity provision to the Ukraine suddenly disappearing. I do wonder if there was an emergency shutdown of a nuclear power plant. This would be major and dangerous.

Some Europeans are still thinking. The Dutch city of The Hague asked to be temporarily exempted from the implementation of EU anti-Russian sanctions. As part of the sanctions, the EU must terminate contracts with Russian companies by October 10, but The Hague does not have time to find a replacement for supplies from Gazprom, besides the fact that easy replacement does not exist.

Lukashenko said that the conversion of Belarusian military aircraft for the possibility of carrying nuclear weapons has been completed.

The US is creating a dedicated military mission for Ukraine, with a leader and a name. What comes to mind is something with freedom or resolve at the end. Inherent resolve, Iraqi Freedom and such, all very destructive to the inhabitants of the world.

What is clear is that the US (Europe as well) is coming to the end of its ability to support the Ukraine, there is a loss of confidence in a Ukrainian win (only now yes!), and the Ukrainian refugees across Europe are now beginning to be resented and even hated. Larry Romanov weighed in on this.

Raisins and Herbs and minerals for oil: Amidst talks with Russia on a minerals and herbs for oil swap, Minister of Industry and Trade of Afghanistan Nuriddin Azizi expresses plans to supply Russia with raisins and medicinal herbs in ADDITION TO negotiations with Russia on supply ( of 1 million tons of gasoline and 1 million tons of diesel fuel.

World Order Z is slowly growing.