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The low down, by Tariq Ali:

“The military, which is very dominant in Pakistani politics, must have thought that to please the United States, better get rid of him. And there’s no doubt that without military support for his removal, he wouldn’t have been ousted.”

“Now, what they thought or what they assumed was that Imran would lose all popularity, because his government had made many mistakes. There was talk of corruption by his wife, etc., etc. Then something happened in July which shook the establishment, which is that in the most populous and important province in the country, important in terms of power, the Punjab, there were 20 by-elections for parliamentary seats, and Imran won 15 of them. He could have won another two, had his party been better organized. So that showed that support for him, if it had evaporated, was coming back, because people were just shocked by the government that had replaced him.”

“And he went on a grand tour of the country, of which there were two prongs: The military has put corrupt politicians in power, and the United States has organized a regime change. And one of the biggest chants on all these demonstration, which had hundreds of thousands of people on them, was “He who is a friend of the United States is a traitor. A traitor.” That was the big chant and a very popular chant at the time. So, he has, no doubt, built himself up again.”

“And I think it’s that event, in July, of showing popular support via elections, when he isn’t even in power, that worried them, so they’ve been waging a campaign against him. Arresting him under the anti-terrorism laws is truly grotesque.”

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Salty Dawg
Salty Dawg
5 months ago

Another example of western interference in a sovereign nation’s affairs.

Regime change, puppet gov., military collusion, trumped up charges… It never stops!