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Statement by Alexander Dugin

It is very sad that so many people (I’m not even talking about the bizarre statements in the western press) are so keen to tell us about Dugin .. he has no power, he is only popular in the west, he really is not important, he is only a dreamer, and so on. What of it? The man is still in hospital as far as I know and has just lost his daughter in a treacherous terrorist attack.

Lets see what Pepe Escobar has to say at Strategic Culture and widely cross-posted:

“Darya Dugina, 30, daughter of Alexander Dugin, a smart, strong, ebullient, enterprising young woman, whom I met in Moscow and had the honor to cherish as a friend, has been brutally murdered.

The conclusion is stark: “So we have to go all the way”. That ties in with what Putin himself asserted: “We haven’t really started anything yet.” Dugin: “Now we have to start.”

Dugin proposes that the current status quo around Operation Z cannot last for more than six months. There’s no question “the tectonic plates have shifted”. Darya Dugina will be flying like an eagle in an otherworldly sky. The question is whether her tragedy will become the catalyst to propel Putin’s strategic ambiguity to a whole new level.

… And that of course is the question. The Russians that I read today are not only angry, but they are angry into their souls and their being. And is it only that we may mourn a moment for someone that has power, or someone that has popularity or someone that has some kind of notoriety or someone close to the state or someone that is only a philospher? Most of us know about Dugin and his daughter. If we follow the idea of Dugin has no power, or was not very popular or had no notoriety or was only a philosopher, or something in that vein, I am afraid to say then we cannot have empathy with the kids killed in the Donbass over the past eight years. They had no power, no notoriety, they were not close to the state and they were not philosophers.

Let the man mourn for his daughter and enjoy the vast body of work and thought that he has produced.

Putin awarded Daria Dugina the Order of Courage posthumously. Russia’s FSB has identified the murder suspect less than 24h later and tracked her via video footage to Estonia; where the FSB claims she escaped through the Pskov region. Russia claims Ukrainian Security Serice is behind the murder of the political scientist.