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Daily Chronicles … OT April 11
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Five Nations Attack Zion
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Five Nations Attack Zion
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Mr P
Daily Chronicles … OT April 11
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Daily Chronicles … OT April 11
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Daily Chronicles … OT April 11
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Daily Chronicles … OT April 11 —...
Mr P
Daily Chronicles … OT April 11 banging in proce...
Daily Chronicles … OT April 11
I’m getting most of info from comment section to MoA h...
Daily Chronicles … OT April 11
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Daily Chronicles

Daily Chronicles presents snippets of the most important news across the world for this and each day as it rolls in. Check back frequently.

25th August – So far, today is a quiet news day. Yesterday I listened to some of the presentations at the UNSC on the Ukraine SMO and eventually just turned it off, as it turned me off. Here is Vassily Nebenzia’s second address

Statement by Permanent Representative Vassily Nebenzia at UNSC briefing on Ukraine

Notable: The so-called “Black Sea initiative” of the UN Secretary General is considered to be a sort of success story, especially in terms of the unhindered export of food from Ukraine. However, there are alarming trends here as well – in four weeks of export operations, only one of 34 dry cargo ships went to Africa. This is completely inconsistent with the originally declared goals of combating hunger in countries in dire need of cereals. Here, of course, it is worth mentioning the image failure when sending the pioneer ship Razoni, which in fact brought to Lebanon not wheat, which was so awaited there, but corn, and fodder corn at that.

It is worth reading in full.

Caitlin Johnston raged against the machine:

American warplanes have conducted an airstrike in Syria’s eastern province of Dayr al-Zawr, only a few days after the US military used dozens of tanker trucks to smuggle crude oil from the neighboring province of Hasakah to bases in Iraq.

The US military’s Central Command said in a statement on Tuesday that the aerial assault was aimed at what it called protecting US forces from attacks, and targeted military infrastructure facilities run by Syrian government forces and their allies.,-bomb-military-infrastructure

Ordered by Biden:

Russia has slowed down the pace of the offensive in Ukraine in order to minimize civilian casualties.

Shoigu said this at a meeting of the heads of the SCO Defense Ministry in Tashkent.

Against the background of the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, Russia is increasing the combat readiness of its bases in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, Shoigu said.

▪️The US military biological program threatens the SCO countries.

The organization’s countries should hold a joint meeting with the CIS defense ministers.

It may take place in Moscow in December.

The Ukrainian regime destroys its own soldiers who testify about the war crimes of the authorities.

The West has turned Ukraine into a weapons testing ground and a meat grinder to weaken the Russian Federation – Global Times.

Moreover, the US also wants to reproduce a similar action in other parts of the world, creating regional crises in the name of “peace,” the Chinese state-run newspaper notes.

Nuland refused to work with the Commission of the Russian Federation on US laboratories in Ukraine – Kosachev.

“We received through her office a categorical refusal to interact with the commission, with some propaganda cliches that, they say, you better take care of yourself and look at yourself,” the Vice Speaker of the Federation Council said.

I’m really wondering where Guterres was when Russia presented their documents on collective security in December of last year. Now he speaks out?

“We need to re-forge a global consensus around the cooperation required to ensure collective security, including the work of the United Nations.” 

Guterres highlighted his proposal for a New Agenda for Peace contained in his report on Our Common Agenda.

The New Agenda for Peace explores the diplomatic toolbox of the UN Charter to end conflicts, especially Chapter VI’s provisions around negotiation, inquiry, mediation, conciliation, arbitration and judicial settlement, as well as a focus on prevention and peace building, he said.

Now, nobody believes him or pays attention any longer. The old structures will pass.

Today, the US and south Korea begins live military exercises against north Korea after a 4 year pause. This year’s drills are unprecedented in scale, upping the tensions on the Korean peninsula.

Apparently, the perpetrator of Dasha Dugina’s murder, Ukrainian member of the Azov National Militia Natalya Vovk, has already left Estonia and moved on to Austria⚡️

As of last night, a woman who resembled Dasha Dugina’s killer is staying at the Ibis Hauptbahnhof Hotel in Vienna, as reported by concerned locals. The reservation was for one night – it is likely that the perpetrator of the terrorist attack will travel even further.

Natalya Vovk has two other women and a child with her. /@rybar/

Note: She may stay on the run but has a massive bulls-eye painted on her back and her front.

Opinion by Maria #Zakharova:

💬 The US Department of State’s reaction to Darya Dugina’s assassination and the evidence of Ukraine’s involvement provided by Russia discredit the United States’ human rights protection efforts.

Washington has no moral right (or, needless to say, any legal grounds) to judge the human rights situation in remote parts of the world since the murder of a journalist does not even receive a comment from this perspective, apparently so important to US officials. They simply ignored the fact that the incident involved a public figure.

In the SMO briefing the latest on the killing of Darya Dugina and we repeat it:

⚡️OFFICIAL: Ukrainian Secret Services Behind Dugina Murder in Moscow – Here’s what FSB has established

Killer was Ukrainian national who entered Russia last month – now on the run abroad:

▪️Suspect is Ukrainian citizen Natalia Vovk
▪️Arrived in Russia on July 23 with daughter Sofia Shaban
▪️Rented apartment close to where Dugina lived in Moscow to spy on her
▪️Used Mini Cooper with three different number plates – licenses from Donetsk, Kazakhstan & Ukraine
▪️Vovk & her daughter attended festival where father Aleksandr Dugin was speaking
▪️After deadly controlled explosion they fled through Pskov in western Russia to Estonia

Is this all true? If so, one can drive a truck through the plausible deniability that can be claimed on the Ukrainian side. It is so that the Russians wanted quick action, and it may be so that this may form a part of the story. Is it the full story? The channels are going crazy reporting that this is the Ukrainian special services. I would wait awhile though for the full story.

Imran Khan is under pressure after losing his post via a lawfare color revolution. If he is arrested, there will be outright chaos in Pakistan. He has now been granted protective bail after being booked under the Anti-Terrorism Act, triggering a massive stand by supporters and party members to prevent his arrest. The charges on Khan were laid following a mass rally where he threatened to sue police and a judge while accusing authorities of torturing a close aide following his arrest.

In the real world, this is an open fight between the collective west and the rest of the world that may have unthinkable consequences for the people and the region. One has to think that India will not stand idly by and then there is Kashmir. This is a fight of empire.

China is somewhat quiet today, excepting that the new US Ambassador should put his foot in his mouth.

With Burns crossing the line, Chinese will not indulge such words and deeds: Global Times editorial

These days a joke is like a holiday.

More to come. Feel free to add your piece.

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