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Dugin’s uber-essential post of 2022

This from Pepe Escobar’s telegram channel. He says: “Extremely serious. The full context. Only a few hours before the killing of Darya.” Pepe also says: “My column on Darya’s tragedy has already been sent to Strategic Culture. I spent the day outside of Bukhara in the soothing Naqshbandi complex summoning sublime Sufi wisdom to subdue my sadness and anger.”

Dugin – Machine Translated

I believe that the status quo in Russia can theoretically last no longer than six months. The desperate resistance of the Atlanta-Nazi regime in Kiev requires Russia to make significant – cardinal – internal transformations. Structural, ideological, personnel, institutional, strategic.
What is acceptable without SSO is unacceptable under conditions of SSO – and especially a long SSO that is not going to end – is unacceptable.
The increased attacks on Crimea, the attempts to nuke Zaporizhia, the declarations of a counteroffensive on Kherson, the tough refusal to compromise by Zelensky, the West’s insistence on cutting off all ties with Russia – all these are signs that the other end has decided to stand firm to the end. They are understandable: Russia has actually (and this is not propaganda) challenged the West as a civilization.
So we, too, will have to go all the way to the end.
The Commander-in-Chief said: we haven’t even started anything. Now we have to start. You have to, whether you want to or not.
For the first six months, we have been able, it is a fact, to do the anti-missile shield without changing anything in principle in Russia itself. So far the changes have been cosmetic, and even the totally irrelevant and unnecessary elections have been decided to go on schedule. As if nothing is happening. But in fact there is.
The regime of maximum comfort (adjusted for emergency conditions) and the preservation of the old system – “war through sleep” – will have to be canceled at some point.
It seems to me that by early fall, this realization of the need to put the country on a new track will be quite clear.
It will take another six months to realize “the irreversibility of the irreversible” and the inertial continuation of the old one.
And it will not be long before February 24, 2023.
I can understand that the government is used to rule the way it has ruled – more or less effectively – for 22 years. But that period is in the past. The SWO has already changed all that. Now it is not a question of whether or not the government wants change. And it is precisely patriotic – conservative-revolutionary, if you will. Such changes are simply inevitable-even if you stand to the death against their beginnings, they will be postponed for no more than six months. And then it will come anyway.
So now, NWO is more important than power in its subjective dimension. The ontological vector that cannot be dissolved by arbitrary rule or decree has emerged. The mighty forces of history have come into play, the tectonic plates have shifted.
Let the old regime bury its dead. A new Russian time is coming. Inexorably.

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Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf
5 months ago

A new Russian time is coming. Inexorably. —————————————– It came last year, when Russia posed a challenge to the Collective West with the security agreements. That was the herald to the New Russia, the birth pangs, however, where at Maidan. Dugin is absolutely correct Russia has been “sleeping through the… Read more »