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Daria Dugin – rip


  • amarynth

    The killing of Daria Dugin is flowing across the landscape as a further incentive to get our world free of incredibly nasty, vile, mean and brutal killers. Even Syrian Girl who is not reporting now because she is completing her Doctorate, has this to say:

    “Woke to the awful news that Darya Dugina has been assassinated via car bomb. Her father Alexander Dugin was on the scene. They murdered a young woman just to get to her father. That is the nature of our enemy.

    I can no longer stay silent. Such an escalation will not be forgiven.”

    This killing may be considered in certain areas as a win, but, it most certainly is another loss and will only serve to get the world more unified and more convinced that we have to clean up from these malign forces.

  • amarynth

    According to preliminary information, the crime in which Daria Dugnia was KILLED is pre-planned and the explosive device was planted under the driver’s seat – Russian Investigative Committee.

    If Ukraine’s involvement in the assassination is proven, it will be a form of Kiev’s state TERRORISM – Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.

  • amarynth

    The amount of Ukrainian fans gloating about the assassination of a 30 year old woman on twitter is disgusting.

    February 24th has exposed the absolute rotten western society to the core. They are ISIS supporting fascists, primitive degenerates with no morals, no values, no culture.

    So if you ever get asked how did Hitler convince so many to follow him – wake up we‘re seeing it live right now.

  • amarynth

    Margarita Simonyan: Everyone who is now laughing at the death of Dasha Dugina, practicing sarcasm and trolling, all these municipal deputies, bloggers and activists, should be arrested.
    Andrey Medvedev: Should be arrested. But they won’t. And I understand it very well. And you understand it.
    In Russia, you can collect money with impunity to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is a fact.
    And to mock the death of a Russian patriot is not considered a crime at all.
    Roman Babayan: When will red lines and decision-making centers find each other? Time passes, but they still do not intersect. It’s not even weird, it’s just absurd. If someone thinks that this game can last forever, then this is a mistake. Tomorrow may be too late.

  • Lone Wolf

    Crime perpetrator has been found, an operative of the Azov scum.

    The murder of Dugina is solved, the main thing:

    🔻Ukrainian special services are behind the murder

    🔻 Performer – citizen of Ukraine Natalia Vovk, born in 1979

    🔻 She arrived in Russia on July 23 with her daughter Sofia Shaban

    🔻 They rented an apartment in the house where Dugina lived in Moscow

    🔻 Mini Cooper was used to spy on Dugina. Numbers were changed on it three times – license plates of the DPR, Kazakhstan and Ukraine were used

    🔻 On the day of the crime, Vovk and her daughter came to the Tradition festival, and after a controlled explosion on August 21, they left through Pskov to Estonia

    Lone Wolf