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RuMOD and other briefings on (SMO) Special Military Operation:

🔹 Over 100 Polish and German mercenaries eliminated, over 50 wounded in Zolochiv (Kharkiv Oblast);
🔹 2 traction electric substations incapacitated in Apostolove and Synel’nikove (Dniepropetrovsk Oblast);
🔹 Over 160 servicemen of ZSU 63rd Mechanized Brigade eliminated in Bilohirka and Lozove (Kharkiv Oblast);
🔹 Over 260 servicemen of 53rd Mechanized and 68th Forester Brigades eliminated in DPR territory;
🔹 Over half of 15th battalion of ZSU 58th Motorized Infantry Brigade eliminated near Soledar;
🔹 Russian forces landed strikes on operation rooms of 112th Territorial Defense, 60 Mechanized Brigades, 4 artillery munitions depots and 2 fuel storages;
🔹 Russian artillery suppressed Msta-B howitzer platoon, 3 Grad launchers platoons, 4 Hyacinth-B howitzers platoons amd 3 D-30 howitzers platoons in DPR territory and Kherson Oblast;
🔹 Air Defense shot down 3 UAVs and 2 rocket projectiles.

Military Summary Briefing

Intel Repuhblic reports:

Zelensky’s office issues command to withdraw local administrations, military registration and enlistment offices from Zaporozhye, Nikolaev (South Ukraine) and cities and towns of Donbass, and take out all the documentation.

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