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Here Comes China: Check out the Chips

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Asian central banks have more than $400 billion of local currency swap lines and can trade among themselves in their own currencies.  Not only do Asian currencies now buy fewer US dollars, but oil costs triple its local currency price of two years ago – hastening Asian efforts to ditch the dollar as a trading currency. Read full article →

Saudi Oil and Sinopec signed an MoU of deep, broad co-operation in refining, petrochemical integration, engineering, procurement and construction, oilfield services, upstream and downstream technologies, carbon capture and hydrogen processes. Saudi Arabia manufactures its own ballistic missiles with the help of China. Read full article →

Biren’s new BR100 GPU chip, with 77 Billion Transistors on 7nm, is faster than NVIDIA’s Ampere. The BR100 offers 1,000 TFLOPS in 16-bit and 2,000 TFLOPs in 8-bit mode. With 77 Billion transistors it can mimic the brain’s nerve cells and will reduce China’s dependence on NVIDIA’s AI GPUs. Read full article →

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