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Note President Putin’s speech at the Opening of the Army-2022 International Military-Technical Forum and the International Army Games.

Summary Notes from Shoigu

  • NATO has dropped its masks, the bloc’s aggressive nature has ceased to be hidden, the claim to global dominance has been consolidated – Shoigu
  • Shoigu: in Ukraine, Russian military personnel are confronted by the combined forces of the West, which control the leadership of this country in a hybrid war against Russia
  • Shoigu: we know for certain that no one in NATO has any doubts that the goals of the special operation in Ukraine set by the Russian leadership will be achieved
  • The operation of the Russian Armed Forces dispelled the myth about the “superweapon” that the West supplies to Ukraine and which is supposedly capable of turning the tide at the front – Shoigu
  • “Initially, it was about the supply of Javelin anti-tank complexes, some unique drones. Recently, the HIMARS multiple-launch fire systems and long-range howitzers have been promoted to the role of superweapons – however, these weapons are also used in battles, they did not have a significant impact on the situation.” The losses of the Ukrainian troops and the territorial defense are huge, the Kiev leadership hides the real numbers
  • Shoigu: speculation is spreading about the alleged use of Russian tactical nuclear weapons during a special operation in Ukraine, or about the readiness to use chemical weapons – all these stuffing are lies.
  • From a military point of view, there is no need to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine to achieve the goals set, the minister said.
  • He recalled that the main purpose of Russian nuclear weapons is to deter a nuclear attack, and their use is limited to emergency circumstances, which are defined in Russian guiding documents that are open to the public.
  • Shoigu called allegations about the possible use of chemical weapons in Ukraine absurd. “Let me remind you that, unlike the United States, such weapons were completely destroyed in our country back in 2017 as part of the fulfillment of international obligations. At the same time, provocations with the use of poisonous substances have become the hallmark of Western-sponsored so-called public organizations like the White Helmets in Syria,”

Full Speech


🔥 The DNR / Russian forces have completely taken control of the settlement of Pesky, by Donetsk. A hugely significant, and symbolic victory – Pesky has for years been one of the key places from where Ukrainian forces shelled the city of Donetsk, civilian areas. One of the key Ukrainian strongholds by Donetsk. Its capture also means that Avdeevka, nearby, another Ukrainian stronghold, is increasingly encircled by DNR / Russian forces. So, Pesky, a small settlement, but a huge victory here in Donbass!

[Forwarded from Graham Phillips Journalist]

Zelensky has fired the heads of SBU in Kiev, Lvov and Ternopil.

Reported by ASB Military News

RAMPING UP THE PRESSURE: Beijing KICKS OFF fresh military exercises ( near Taiwan, releasing footage of COMBAT PATROLS over islands in Taiwan Strait in SHOW OF FORCE after latest visit ( to Taiwan by US politicians, which China DENOUNCES as DAMAGING Beijing’s sovereignty and DESTROYING peace in Taiwan Strait.

Bloomberg: Does the Chinese foreign ministry have any comment on the visit to Taiwan by the US lawmakers group led by US Senator Ed Markey that arrived in Taipei on Sunday?

Wang Wenbin: The delegation led by US Senator Ed Markey, in disregard of China’s serious démarches and firm opposition, insisted on visiting the Taiwan region of China. It is a blatant violation of the one-China principle and the stipulations of three Sino-US joint communiqués. It also infringes on China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and sends a seriously wrong signal to the “Taiwan independence” separatist forces.

The one-China principle is a prevailing consensus in the international community and a basic norm in international relations. It is also the political foundation for the establishment and development of diplomatic ties between China and the US. China’s national reunification is an unstoppable historical trend and the formidable common will of the Chinese people.

China once again urges the US to abide by the one-China principle and the three joint communiqués, prudently handle Taiwan-related issues and stop fudging, hollowing out and distorting the one-China principle to prevent further damaging China-US relations and peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait. China will take resolute and strong measures to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Associating themselves with the separatists in Taiwan and attempting to challenge the one-China principle is a misjudgment and will get these small number of US politicians nowhere. 

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