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August 2022

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  • The time has come, the walrus said (update)

    I do trust today’s technical work will not do this to any oyster:
    O Oysters,’ said the Carpenter,
          You’ve had a pleasant run!
    Shall we be trotting home again?’
          But answer came there none —
    And this was scarcely odd, because
          They’d eaten every one.”

    We’re on the verge of implementing a decent commenting system.  They tell us that the old commenting…

  • Daily Chronicles

    Daily Chronicles presents snippets of the most important news across the world for this and each day as it rolls in. Check back frequently. To find the previous Daily Chronicles, use the search function on the top line and search for Daily Chronicles.

    Please also use as open thread.

    On the other side of the world:

    ⚓️ Pacific…

  • Lavrov on the non-aligned movement and multipolarity

    Takeaway Quote:  … a process that is driven by life itself. It cannot be artificially initiated or expedited.

    28 August 2022 20:30
    Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with Zvezda television channel for a documentary covering the Non-Aligned Movement, Moscow, August 28, 2022

    Question: How would you describe the potential and prospects of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) as they…

  • Yeah! Pepe Escobar said it!

    Its long been my belief that this shift is being played with.  And here Pepe says it on his telegram channel
    From one of my top Beltway intel sources. That’s as much as I’m allowed to quote – what’s not included is even more incandescent:

    “Germany and the US want to reenact World…

  • Here Comes China

    Just yesterday, two old US warships sailed through the Taiwan Straits. These ships, 35 and 37 years old, were apparently on routine transit. I cannot imagine what could be routine about sailing two warships through the Taiwan Straits, but China said as long as they behaved themselves, follow the rules of innocent passage, keep low…

  • Limited SMO Update


    Also please view Lone Wolf’s detail update on the previous thread here:

    What was planned as a limited update is growing (updating 2 hours after original post). From is Russia’s latest stance, and presented forcefully (machine translated and lightly edited):

    The State Duma demanded Ukraine’s unconditional surrender

    LDPR leader Leonid Slutsky said that Russia…

  • Sunday presents a man that everyone listens to …

    Mr George Yeo (Visiting Scholar, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy and Founding Patron, Asia Competitiveness Institute)

    George Yeo is Singapore’s former foreign minister.  Unassuming, charmingly direct, an honest man with a clear vision of today’s international relations and geopolitical status.  He is a China expert and presents the Chinese view in the context of…

  • Analysis of UN vote – August 24th

    Clarity is emerging regarding the multipolaristas and the hegemonistas in terms of actual countries.

    This essay provides a list of countries involved in a supposed Rebuilding of the Ukraine, a.k.a. the phase of plunder. They are:








    Czech Republic,